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Tyler, The Creator’s Verse on A$AP Mob’s “Telephone Calls” is Absolutely Fire [Feature]

Ahead of the release of the new A$AP Mob group project Cozy Tapes Vol. 1 next Monday (October 31), the Harlem-based collective fired off a jaw-dropping new single today (October 27), entitled “Telephone Calls.”... Read More

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Saba “Bucket List” Cheat Code Album Review [Feature]

We often refer to our bucket list—an inventory of the things we dream of achieving—without hesitation. Our catalogs can include wishing to experience something as electrifying as bungee jumping off of the highest... Read More

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Holy Sh*t, T-Pain & Lil Yachty’s “Dan Bilzerian” Is so Bad It’s Good [Feature]

There are two types of people in this world: those who see a new song from T-Pain and Lil Yachty and get all giddy while scrambling to hit the play button. And those who see a new song from T-Pain and Lil Yachty and start... Read More

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3 Questions Before Jeezy Releases “Trap or Die 3” [Feature]

On Friday (October 28), Jeezy will release the ninth full-length album of his career, Trap or Die 3. In advance of the album drop, the veteran ATL rapper has unleashed six records, including "Let Em Know," "All There,"... Read More

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Why Eminem Doesn’t Need to Be Great to Keep Winning [Feature]

As you may have heard, Eminem made a surprise return last week with the release of “Campaign Speech.” The record is an impressive and, at times, hilarious lyrical marathon in which Shady imagines giving a bunch of... Read More

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Remembering Limewire, My Introduction to Downloading Music Online [Feature]

By the bedside sits a bag full of old compact discs, an early inheritance passed down from my father. On the very top is Makaveli hanging from the cross—bold, black, beautiful, yet gut-wrenching. Underneath him lies... Read More

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Finally, Meek Mill Announces Release Date for “DC4” [Feature]

Finally.After months of anticipation, speculation, rumors, snippets, beef, more snippets, more beef and one monster freestyle on Funk Flex, much-maligned rapper Meek Mill has announced that this Friday, October 28, he... Read More

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Donald Glover, Atlanta & Not Trying to Make Other People Happy [Feature]

"A little praise is a bad thing, and a lot of it is worse. We cannot be too careful. It is better for the artist to work out of a vaccum, going from creation to creation, each a new beginning, until it is all over, until he... Read More

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A Brief History of Swizz Beatz Ruining Songs [Feature]

Swizz Beatz is a good producer. A really good producer, in fact. The 38-year-old Bronx native helped soundtrack the Ruff Ryders’ incredibly successful run in the late ’90s and early ’00s while producing hits... Read More

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Holy Sh*t You Need to Watch D.R.A.M.‘s Yachty-Less “Broccoli” Performance on CONAN [Feature]

So far, 2016 has been good to D.R.A.M. The Virginia-bred artist is fresh off the release (October 21) of his proper full-length debut, Big Baby D.R.A.M., which has received a plethora of positive... Read More

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