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Diddy, Dr. Dre & Jay Z Richest Rappers Alive, Still Way Poorer Than the Illuminati [Feature]

The latest Forbes richest rappers list is out, which means it's time to talk about people who spend more money on dinner than your grandparents made in their lifetime and who's truly running the proverbial... Read More

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Forget Drake, Snoh Aalegra’s “Don’t Explain” is the Album You Should Be Listening To [Feature]

A lot of our readers are sick of Drake, and we get it. That said, he's the most popular artist in recorded music today-- like it or not, huge artists make the world go round. Still, while... Read More

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Music Streaming is the Future, Follow or Die [Feature]

[Editor's Note: Reposted with permission from The Lefsetz Letter, subscribe via] The film business is fighting Sean Parker's Screening Room. The book business is fighting Amazon's... Read More

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Chance The Rapper’s Album Art Uncovers the Man Behind the Artist [Feature]

Three years - three long years - have passed since Chance The Rapper released Acid Rap. If it was an average mixtape from an average artist if would’ve been forgotten in weeks, maybe even days. Maybe hours.... Read More

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Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Aesop Rock’s “Daylight/Nightlight” [Feature]

Aesop Rock and I have a long, complicated relationship, which is another way of saying I've spent years thinking about his music and he probably doesn't remember the one time I interviewed him for... Read More

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