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Drake, Kid Cudi & Crossing “The Line” in Rap Beef [Feature]

In the back of school buses, in the hallways between class changes, in the corner of classrooms, and even in the sandbox—anywhere there are boys, there are jokes. Call it roasting, joaning, or playing the dozens, but... Read More

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DJ Khaled Snapchatting Son’s Birth is Peak 2016 [Feature]

Over the past year, DJ Khaled has gone through an inexplicable evolution. Once a prominent DJ/producer, Khaled has consistently capitalized on the digitization of entertainment to the point of absurdity, adding the roles of... Read More

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Meet Jay Prince & “Smile Good” While Listening to the UK Rapper’s New Project [Feature]

I was dutifully taking notes as a fight broke out in the middle of the pit. Punches were thrown and beer went flying. Some guy behind me kindly pulled me back, which prevented me from getting an elbow to the face. It was... Read More

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A$AP Rocky & Skepta Finally Link Up on “Put That On My Set” & They Don’t Disappoint [Feature]

A$AP Rocky and Skepta is a collaboration that’s been waiting to happen.Over the last couple of years, Rocky has spent a lot of time living and recording in Skepta’s hometown of London and has been one of the... Read More

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Vic Mensa’s “16 Shots” Video is a Gut-Wrenching Portrait of Police Brutality [Feature]

Vic Mensa has gone through a very emphatic transformation in recent years, and I’m not talking about his rock star appearance or Roc Nation allegiance.When he left Kids These Days and released his debut solo project... Read More

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