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Unearthed Phife Dawg Interview Tells the Inside Story of Tribe’s Break Up [Feature]

Whenever a legend dies I’m often faced with a predicament. On one hand, it’s important to honor them with words and thoughts shared for public consumption, but tributes so often feel exploitative, more... Read More

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Chance The Rapper Turned Down Kanye & Deal With G.O.O.D Music [Feature]

When Chance rapped, “Kanye’s best prodigy, he ain't sign me but he’s proud of me,” you instantly realize how close he really is to his idol. We know they’ve worked together, performed... Read More

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Oprah Tried to Stop Paul McCartney From Working With Kanye Over “N Word” Use [Feature]

With all the "Kanye's gonna make this Paul McCartney guy a star" jokes it's easy to forget just how truly historic and momentous that collaboration was.McCartney headed the biggest band to ever pass over the... Read More

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Drake’s “Views” Tops 500 Million Streams, I Still Have No Idea How Popular It Is [Feature]

It's a seemingly simple question that's proven to be impossibly difficult to answer in 2016: how popular is this music? Fifteen years ago, when people's options for accessing music were limited to the... Read More

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This Woman Cleared the Samples on Your Favorite Album, Here’s How [Feature]

When done right, a great sample flip can make an album. But despite my love for them, I’ve never really thought much about how a sample is actually cleared for an album. We hear all the time about a song not... Read More

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