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Vince Staples Says Online Critics are “People Being Sad Because Their Life Sucks” [Feature]

Social media is both a gift and a curse. Sure, platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow us to connect and interact with one another in ways that were previously imaginable but not possible, but not every... Read More

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Macklemore’s “Drug Dealer” Video is a Jarring Reminder of My Oxycontin Addiction [Feature]

As hip-hop continues its current obsession with popping pills and drinking lean, Macklemore is standing up as a voice of reason and warning against a drug-fueled lifestyle.A former addict himself, Macklemore underwent... Read More

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Rick Rubin, Kendrick Lamar & The Power of Meditation in Hip-Hop [Feature]

“All of us want less thoughts. The calmer the mind, the happier the spirit. So when the mind is settled: bliss. If we have a mind full of fluctuation, then we have a mind full of suffering. When you see people and... Read More

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A Hip-Hop Fan’s Ode to Cadillacs [Feature]

My young, adolescent eyes didn’t know the first sight of love until the day they saw her sitting in my neighbor's driveway. Underneath the unforgiving summer sun, she was the shining definition of what my world was... Read More

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YG Says a New Mixtape is “Koming Soon” [Feature]

Last evening (October 24), when YG released his latest single, "One Time Comin'," the record appeared to be a loosie—a song that is unattached to a larger body of work. Less than 24 hours later, the West Coast... Read More

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Boiler Room’s VR Venue Could Change Concerts Forever [Feature]

Over the past few years, we’ve seen technology change the entertainment landscape in ways we could never imagine.Whether it’s been augmented reality giving new life to Pokémon fever, deceased... Read More

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