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Confirmed: Biggie Was Rapping About Drinking Grape Juice on “Big Poppa” [Feature]

Did Eminem actually have no snare in his headphones? (He actually didn't.) Did Jay Z really once lose 92 bricks? (The jury's still out on that one.) And, perhaps most importantly, when Biggie rapped, "T-Bone... Read More

Best Hip-Hop & R&B Songs of May, 2016Playlist Cover

Best Hip-Hop & R&B Songs of May, 2016 [Playlist]

Music moves fast. Blink and a month has gone by, along with more good music than you can remember. That’s why we’ve been creating these ongoing playlists and updating them each week with the best new music. Now,... Read More

The Best Hip-Hop & R&B Songs of 2016 (Ongoing)Playlist Cover

The Best Hip-Hop & R&B Songs of 2016 (Ongoing) [Playlist]

Every December we look back and try to remember the year’s best music, but inevitably some of the best songs slip through the cracks. That’s why in 2015 we created an ongoing playlist for the entire year. Since it... Read More

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Soulja Boy’s Deal Isn’t Really Worth $400 Million: “He Tweeted Something He Shouldn’t Have” [Feature]

Three weeks ago, when Soulja Boy posted on his IG that he had just signed a $400 million endorsement deal, I was incredulous. Not because of any desire to see Soulja not reap the rewards of his cultural influence, and... Read More

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