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Noveliss - Mic Swordz EP Cover

Noveliss - Mic Swordz EP [Album]

After releasing his Toonami Tsunami EP last summer, Detroit-repping Clear Soul Forces emcee Noveliss is back with a similarly heavily anime-inspired follow-up, Mic Swordz, an exclusive DJBooth world premiere.The "9-track... Read More

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The Best Songs That Didn’t Make The Album Because of Samples [Feature]

Chance The Rapper's "All Night" will be the cause of many a summer hangover and "Angels" makes me feel like a new man, but truthfully, a song that didn’t even make it onto Coloring Book is my... Read More

AKS - Train Of Thought EP Cover

AKS - Train Of Thought EP [Album]

British hip-hop artist AKS makes his debut on our pages today, exclusively premiering a stream of his sophomore EP, entitled Train Of Thought, a full day ahead of its official release via Less Is More Music.Blending rap,... Read More

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Chance the Rapper Lost $250K on Magnificent Coloring World Party [Feature]

Chance the Rapper said he wanted to deliver something special to the city of Chicago with his Magnificent Coloring World party, but all that magnificence came with a heavy cost. In a tweet Chance posted and then... Read More

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Epic Records Tried to Help Bobby Shmurda Escape New York, He Refused [Feature]

Home is where the heart is - even when home is where drugs are sold, guns are shot, and death dwells wherever light fails to shine. Some people can remove themselves, escape and never look back, but others are drawn to the... Read More

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In Defense of Producers Leasing & Shopping Beats [Feature]

In the last week we've run not one, but two stories about the heartbreak that came come from producers leasing and shopping beats. Those stories have been told from the perspective of the rappers who had... Read More

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President Obama Challenges Vietnamese Rapper, She Kills [Feature]

This is exactly and precisely the kind of story that gets chewed up and spit out by the Buzzfeed content mill, seen and forgotten about a day later, and that's a shame because it's without exaggeration one of the... Read More

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