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Rick Ross & Skrillex’ “Purple Lamborghini” is a Vintage Rozay Banger [Feature]

There is a time for everything, and the time for Rick Ross bangers was circa 2010. "BMF," "MC Hammer," "9 Piece," in retrospect he was at the height of his aggressive-yet-lowkey-hilarious banger powers then; big beats, big... Read More

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You Don’t Have to Listen To Lil Yachty to Like Lil Yachty [Feature]

The ground began to shake as bodies lifted from the floor moments after “Minnesota” boomed from the speakers. The DJ had played “International Players Anthem” and the crowd came to life, but not even... Read More

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Rich Chigga: I Only Say Nigga When I’m Jamming to Rap Music [Feature]

By now it's a familiar script. In 2016 what other life goal is there but to become famous on the internet? And particularly if you're not black, the fastest way to become famous on the internet is to make a... Read More

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Kweku Collins, The Artist #A3CTopProspects [Feature]

Kweku Collins is not famous, although he's been on one of New York City's largest radio stations, Hot 97. Kweku Collins is not a skateboarder, although he still skateboards regularly and briefly flirted with... Read More

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Chance the Rapper, Big Sean & Mike Will Upset Over Recent Music Leaks [Feature]

Somewhere around 2009 was the age of the Peak Music Leak. Albums were routinely being leaked weeks, if not months, ahead of their release date, and the NMC blogs were constantly competing like mixtape DJs for the... Read More

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Gucci Mane Becomes Rap’s Role Model for Sobriety: “I Was a Drug Addict, I Was Numb” [Feature]

Gucci Mane has gone from being one of the go-to artists for drug anthems, to being drug-free - and he seems to be loving the latest chapter of his life.In an interview with The New York Times, Gucci admitted... Read More

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