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Justin Timberlake’s Comeback Starts in Two Days, Can He Conquer R&B Again? [Feature]

Back when Bieber was an actual baby and Jay Z was still single and free to mingle with Becky with the good hair, the biggest name in music was Justin Timberlake. But a decade after FutureSex/LoveSounds and... Read More

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The Conspiracy Theory Behind “Lemonade” & Jay Z’s Rumored Response Album [Feature]

Rumors and gossip have been a part of the media since the first newspapers started rolling off the printing presses. Speculation sells, the slightest possibility of truth can light the match of public interest. Jay... Read More

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The New Beat Selling Economy That’s Paying Producers Outside the Music Industry [Feature]

The rise of the internet has decimated the traditional music industry, but outside the traditional music industry it's also allowed a new generation of artists to thrive in ways that would have been impossible just years... Read More

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The Team That Took The Weeknd From “House of Balloons” to Pop Stardom [Feature]

Did anyone have a bigger 2015 than The Weeknd? The Toronto native released an album that propelled him to the top of the R&B mountain, scored a plethora of number one songs, nabbed two GRAMMYs, grabbed an... Read More

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Diddy, Dr. Dre & Jay Z Richest Rappers Alive, Still Way Poorer Than the Illuminati [Feature]

The latest Forbes richest rappers list is out, which means it's time to talk about people who spend more money on dinner than your grandparents made in their lifetime and who's truly running the proverbial... Read More

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Forget Drake, Snoh Aalegra’s “Don’t Explain” is the Album You Should Be Listening To [Feature]

A lot of our readers are sick of Drake, and we get it. That said, he's the most popular artist in recorded music today-- like it or not, huge artists make the world go round. Still, while... Read More

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Music Streaming is the Future, Follow or Die [Feature]

[Editor's Note: Reposted with permission from The Lefsetz Letter, subscribe via] The film business is fighting Sean Parker's Screening Room. The book business is fighting Amazon's... Read More

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