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From a Symbol of Wealth to a Symbol of Disgust: Donald Trump In Rap Music [Feature]

Wu-Tang’s “C.R.E.A.M.” is an acronym that stands for something very simple, but also very profound: money is the merciless ruler over those that have none. Method Man’s hook is about how cash is king,... Read More

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The Weeknd We Knew is Dead & Gone In Evolutionary “Starboy” Video [Feature]

Last week, The Weeknd premiered “Starboy,” the lead single off his upcoming album of the same name. Featuring Daft Punk, the track finds Abel at his most boastful and confident, with tongue-in-cheek... Read More

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Meet Paul White, Danny Brown’s Secret Weapon [Feature]

Yesterday (September 27), Danny Brown released his fourth studio album Atrocity Exhibition three days early, a welcome surprise for Danny fans such as myself.As Yoh brilliantly pointed out in his 1-Listen review,... Read More

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Vince Staples Took Smaller Def Jam Budget in Exchange For Creative Control [Feature]

Vince Staples is intelligent, articulate, bold and opinionated. In other words, he's a quote machine. Over the past 12 months, Staples has admitted that he joined a gang "because I wanted to kill people,"... Read More

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Tubes & Torrents - Why Music Piracy Isn’t Going Away [Feature]

As a music lover growing up in the digital age, piracy has become second nature to me. It’s not my proudest admission, but I have a hard time believing anyone with a favorite artist and an internet connection... Read More

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Danny Brown “Atrocity Exhibition” 1 Listen Album Review [Feature]

Danny Brown knows what it means to sit in the center of swirling madness, raw chaos, and unforgiving mayhem. He inhaled the atmosphere that surrounded him and exhaled art in the form of music—music that captured his... Read More

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New Spotify Numbers Show Toronto Artists Are Running Music [Feature]

Earlier this week, Drake’s Views became the first album to reach one billion streams on Apple Music. As a result, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Drake is dominating Spotify as well.Thanks to a handy graphic... Read More

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Spread Love: How Hip-Hop is Teaching Us to Love Ourselves [Feature]

Recently, while listening to Mick Jenkins' debut album The Healing Component, I was struck by the prominence of the theme of love throughout the project (which fellow DJBooth contributor Tara so perfectly... Read More

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Mighty Unhealthy: Why Hip-Hop’s Wellness is an Alarming Issue [Feature]

Hip-hop, as with any cultural force or art form, is driven by action just as much as words and notes. The minds and bodies of the emcee and the producer are of critical importance to the potency of the musical and cultural... Read More

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