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Who Will Be Hip-Hop’s Next Legends? [Feature]

Talib Kweli's Twitter fingers are magical. With only 140 characters he's consistently made headlines for sharing his views and they have a way of sparking enlightening conversations. Earlier this week,... Read More

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Four Awesome Artists Under 1,000 Followers [Feature]

For real. For really real. Under 1,000 is my favorite series to write. I love sharing great music that would otherwise likely go unheard. We don't run this feature for retweets or pageviews, but it’s... Read More

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Hopefully the Gorillaz Can Make Vic Mensa Great Again [Feature]

“Finally, someone let me out of my cage”If your brain immediately followed up with, “Now, time for me is nothing cause I'm countin' no age,” than this news is for you.Last summer it was... Read More

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Eminem Was Upset With Nas Comparisons After “Infinite” Flopped [Feature]

Now Eminem is far more Rap God than struggle rapper just trying to make it out of the trailer park. Now saying that Eminem sounds like Nas is the kind of insane comparison that would get you kicked out of any respectable... Read More

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Chance the Rapper, “Juke Jam” & The Heartbreak of Leased Beats [Feature]

During my 1 Listen album review of Chance’s Coloring Book I couldn’t shake a strange feeling of familiarity with “Juke Jam.” The heavy but gentle chords that play at the beginning - I knew... Read More

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Sampha’s Back, If You’re Not Crazy Excited You Should Be [Feature]

Believe me, I get it. There's a lot of music in the world, music stretching behind us seemingly into infinity that we could never, will never, catch up to, with mountains of new music being added to the pile everyday. You... Read More

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“So Far Gone” vs. “Acid Rap”: Which Album Had the Bigger Impact? [Feature]

Like any good squad, the DJBooth writers are a tight knit bunch who occasionally yell at each other. People have been known to walk out of rooms over rap related debates, and whenever an argument pops up that we... Read More

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