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Soulja Boy Could Win a GRAMMY for Beyonce’s “Lemonade” Album [Feature]

Our deep dive into the credits for Beyoncé's liner notes turned up some gems, but I was particularly interested in Soulja Boy's appearance because it illustrates just how strange the twists and turns... Read More

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A Dive Into the Overlooked Names Credited on Beyonce’s “Lemonade” [Feature]

It’s a DJBooth tradition. Every time a new album drops I spend days melting my brain and stalking the Facebook pages of session players and mysterious Ministers (that actually happened) to bring you a comprehensive... Read More

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Views From Photoshop: A Deeper Look at Drake’s Questionable New Album Cover [Feature]

Drake may want to live like the rappers in Atlanta, he may prefer the strippers in Houston, his slang may be traveling to London, but his home and his heart belongs to Toronto. There’s pride in where he comes... Read More

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Hardest Hip-Hop Beats of 2016 (So Far) [Feature]

Few things are as satisfying as a truly booming, menacing beat, the type of beat that will punch you in the face, snatch your wallet and leave you without shoes. These are beats that deserve to be listened to... Read More

ShaqIsDope - Black Frames Cover

ShaqIsDope - Black Frames [Album]

Toronto native and 23-year-old up-and-coming rapper ShaqIsDope has delivered his long-awaited new Black Frames project, following up his 2014 debut EP Early Beginnings: The Shaquille Baptiste Story. The free project spans... Read More

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Let’s Watch Beyonce Critic & Hypocrite Piers Morgan Exploit Death & Grief for Ratings [Feature]

Beyoncé's deeply political and unapologetically Black new album, Lemonade, shocked the world over the weekend and it's predictably sparking outpourings of love and thinkpieces. But it's also... Read More

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Kid Cudi Vows He’s Going to Dominate Rap, Insists “MOTM 3” is Dead [Feature]

Kid Cudi's music, and life, has always been an open book. For better or worse the pages of that book have always been a fascinating read, and in a new Billboard interview Cudi insists that he's opening a new chapter... Read More

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It Should’ve Been Wale: The Internet’s Death Wish Has Crossed the Line [Feature]

Death is the enemy that only knows how to take. He will take the lives of the weak and the strong, the bad and the good, but it’s when he takes someone that we all look upon with eyes of admiration, a walking monument... Read More

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