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Chance the Rapper Isn’t Kanye’s Best Protege, So Who Is? [Feature]

While the world internet is trying to figure out if Chance The Rapper should now be called a "Christian rapper" after Coloring Book, it was an assertion of the non-religious variety made by Pastor Chano that stirred my... Read More

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Masego Lost a Beat to Chance the Rapper & Learned an Industry Lesson the Hard Way [Feature]

If you read Wednesday's story about indie rapper Phay watching Chance The Rapper use and release the same “Juke Jam” beat that he'd been writing to for months, you also saw a series of frustrated... Read More

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Nas is a Big Fan of Future: “He’s Pushing Flows Forward” [Feature]

The way Twitter talks about hip-hop, it's a house divided. The lyricists are expected to mingle with fellow lyricists, the trappers are expected to hang out in bandos with Migos. It’s like high school, the... Read More

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Eminem’s Lyrics Aren’t As Deep As People Think (Except When They’re Deeper) [Feature]

Eminem is hip-hop's most famous hermit, a man who almost never grants interviews and is seen offstage and in public as often as Bigfoot. That's why his recent annotations on Genius have been particularly... Read More

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TDE is Rap’s Best Label, But SZA’s the One I’m Listening To [Feature]

There's a difference between theory and reality. In theory if you had asked me to rank the TDE artists I was most excited to hear new music from, SZA likely would have been an afterthought. My brain would have... Read More

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Tupac Was Working on “One Nation” Album With Outkast, DJ Premier & More When He Died [Feature]

What makes someone a legend? You're a legend when people are still fascinated by untold stories of your life and work 20 years after your death. Tupac is a legend. You still can't talk hip-hop without at least... Read More

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Who Will Be Hip-Hop’s Next Legends? [Feature]

Talib Kweli's Twitter fingers are magical. With only 140 characters he's consistently made headlines for sharing his views and they have a way of sparking enlightening conversations. Earlier this week,... Read More

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Four Awesome Artists Under 1,000 Followers [Feature]

For real. For really real. Under 1,000 is my favorite series to write. I love sharing great music that would otherwise likely go unheard. We don't run this feature for retweets or pageviews, but it’s... Read More

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