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Where the Hell is Hip-Hop on the Spotify Top 100? [Feature]

As a measurement of what the country is currently listening to, Spotify's Top 100 is as good a meter as any. While browsing the most updated version of the chart, though, we noticed a glaring lack of hip-hop.... Read More

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Joe Budden Believes Drake’s Arrogance Will Eventually Be His Demise [Feature]

On Monday (October 25), Joe Budden was a guest on The Combat Jack Show to promote his new album, Rage & The Machine.The 80-minute episode featured a wide range of topics, including the growing popularity of... Read More

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YG Continues Campaign Against Police Brutality & Racist Cops on “One Time Comin’” [Feature]

Who would have guessed that the guy who made “Toot It and Boot It” would become one of the primary faces of conscious rap in 2016? Forget that archetype of an intellectual, spiritual emcee preaching to the... Read More

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More Life: Why Drake’s “Playlist Project” Could Change Hip-Hop [Feature]

The proliferation of streaming has brought about the biggest change to the music industry since the advent of the ringtone. The rules of charting and RIAA certification have changed, how songs are able to appear on Billboard... Read More

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A Drake vs Pusha T Battle Would Inevitably End in a Victorious Drake [Feature]

As you may have heard, Drake played a bunch of new songs during yesterday’s OVO Sound Radio broadcast on Beats 1. One of them, “Two Birds, One Stone,” included a number of lines dedicated to a certain rapper... Read More

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TDE’s Isaiah Rashad Announces 22-Date “Lil Sunny Tour” [Feature]

With just a couple of months remaining in 2016, TDE has kicked things into high-gear.Fresh off the release of his full-length debut, The Sun’s Tirade, Isaiah Rashad announced today (October 24) that he will be... Read More

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The A3C & DJBooth Top Prospects Showcase Was Epic, We Wish You Were There [Feature]

Just a few short weeks ago, our longstanding Top Prospects series—presented by A3C and dedicated to shining a light on the brightest new talents in hip-hop and R&B—took on new life as our most recent... Read More

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Killer Mike Says RTJ’s “Talk to Me” is the “Soundtrack to WW3 & the Apocalypse” [Feature]

I may have already detailed Adult Swim’s huge contribution to hip-hop in the past, but I think they’re owed another “thank you.”For those not in the know, Killer Mike and El-P were first introduced... Read More

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Drake, Kid Cudi & Crossing “The Line” in Rap Beef [Feature]

In the back of school buses, in the hallways between class changes, in the corner of classrooms, and even in the sandbox—anywhere there are boys, there are jokes. Call it roasting, joaning, or playing the dozens, but... Read More

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DJ Khaled Snapchatting Son’s Birth is Peak 2016 [Feature]

Over the past year, DJ Khaled has gone through an inexplicable evolution. Once a prominent DJ/producer, Khaled has consistently capitalized on the digitization of entertainment to the point of absurdity, adding the roles of... Read More

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