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Jeremih Gifts Fans New “Late Nights - Europe” Mixtape [Feature]

It's been six months since Jeremih released his latest album, Late Nights: The Album, but that doesn't mean the Chicago native has been quiet since last December. In addition to dropping a remix to "Pass... Read More

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How Danny Brown Became Hip-Hop’s Misfit Hero [Feature]

Unapologetic. If the word could be represented by a single face, that face would be a smiling, chipped tooth Danny Brown. Very few rappers would be a better fit to carry the word's definition.Since his breakout mixtape,... Read More

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Nelly’s Biggest Hit in Years is a Lime-A-Rita Commercial [Feature]

Over the last year Nelly has become less of a man to me and more of a symbol; living, breathing, sleeveless proof of just how unforgiving music culture can be in moving on. There was a time not too long ago,... Read More

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Stop Saying Rappers Got “Murdered on Their Own Shit” [Feature]

It happened again, and it will likely keep happening for as long as rap debates stay alive. (Which, lord willing, will be forever and ever, amen.) I overheard a hotly contested debate about rappers who got murdered on their... Read More

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Who’s Kamaiyah? [Feature]

Anyone carefully watching the rap internet, which obviously means you, has seen the name Kamaiyah pop up a lot recently, and for good reason. She's been sharing space with superstars while also showing that she... Read More

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Travis Scott Confirms Kid Cudi Will Be on “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight” Album [Feature]

Despite having traded subliminal shots over Twitter, it looks like Kid Cudi and Travis Scott have resolved whatever problems existed between them - at least enough to make music together. In a... Read More

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