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Kaytranada - 99.9% Cover

Kaytranada - 99.9% [Album]

After breaking onto the scene in 2012 with an unofficial Janet Jackson remix and spending years positioning himself as one of the most exciting young producers in music with his genre-bending fusion of hip-hop and electronic,... Read More

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Skepta “Konnichiwa” Cheat Code Album Review [Feature]

For as much as we pit the East Coast against the West Coast, or the South vs. everybody else, the one thing American hip-hop fans all agree on is that we only want to listen to American hip-hop. We like our whips foreign, but... Read More

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Holy Sh*t You Should Never Listen to Lil Yachty & Kylie Jenner’s “Beautiful Day” [Feature]

Out of all the terms I've come up with in my now ten-year music writing career, perhaps my greatest work was the creation of the Poop Sandwich Principle. It goes a little something like this...  Music,... Read More

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Drake’s Sales Numbers for “Views” Are Huge, Make Kanye’s “TLOP” Numbers Look Even Shadier [Feature]

You might have heard about this Drake guy. He just dropped a new album, called Views. It's kind of a whole thing.  As anyone with a functioning cerebral cortex could have predicted, the first week numbers for... Read More

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Afeni Shakur’s Death May Mean a “Great Deal of Unearthed Tupac Music” is Coming [Feature]

Afeni Shakur was much more than just the mother of Tupac Shakur, but her recent passing could have a profound effect on her son's music for decades to come, and perhaps much sooner. Following her son's... Read More

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