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A$AP Rocky & Skepta Finally Link Up on “Put That On My Set” & They Don’t Disappoint [Feature]

A$AP Rocky and Skepta is a collaboration that’s been waiting to happen.Over the last couple of years, Rocky has spent a lot of time living and recording in Skepta’s hometown of London and has been one of the... Read More

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Vic Mensa’s “16 Shots” Video is a Gut-Wrenching Portrait of Police Brutality [Feature]

Vic Mensa has gone through a very emphatic transformation in recent years, and I’m not talking about his rock star appearance or Roc Nation allegiance.When he left Kids These Days and released his debut solo project... Read More

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Drake Plans to “Soundtrack Your Life” with “More Life” Project in December [Feature]

For months, Drake has talked up a variety of new projects, including a solo mixtape, a collaborative EP with Gucci Mane and a joint album with Kanye West. While none of those projects have become more than... Read More

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D.R.A.M. “Big Baby D.R.A.M.” 1 Listen Album Review [Feature]

Great artists steal―a sentiment I’ve always believed was made by a cunning thief in defense of what he took. Great artists influence, great artists inspire, and those that steal can make great art, but I will... Read More

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“Rick Grimes is Dead,” According to Murs’ Latest Video [Feature]

Anyone who’s been a fan of MURS for any extended period of time should be well versed in his nerddom. A frequent attendee of any and all events resembling Comic-Con, MURS' love for comics, video games, and popular... Read More

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Joe Budden’s “Rage & The Machine” is a Reminder He’s a Great Emcee [Feature]

Younger hip-hop fans wouldn't be faulted for being more familiar with Joe Budden as a divisive personality within the culture than as an actual emcee.Through his podcast as well as his highly publicized beef with Drake,... Read More

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Nas’ Album Isn’t Done Yet, But You Should Be Excited About It [Feature]

“Nas Album Done” is one of the best rap songs of 2016. It’s Nas, one of the best rappers of all time, rapping over a sample of Fugees’ “Fu-Gee-La,” one of the best rap songs of all... Read More

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Chance The Rapper Releases “How Great” Video, But It’s Not That Great [Feature]

Just like thousands of other fans, I've had Chance The Rapper’s magnificent mixtape/album Coloring Book in heavy rotation since its May release.For five straight months, Chance could do no... Read More

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Get to Know TDE’s Lance Skiiiwalker & The True Meaning Behind “Introverted Intuition” [Feature]

Who is Lance Skiiiwalker? I knew of his past when he went by Johnny Rocket and was ½ of the Chicago hip-hop duo The Rockateers. That part of his musical career has ended; he is now a solo artist, signed to one of... Read More

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