Drake & Future Are Definitely, Maybe, Possibly Releasing a Joint Mixtape…Hopefully

By | Posted September 11, 2015
The Internet is going f*cking nuts trying to figure out whether Drizzy and Hendrix are about to unleash a collaborative project.

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Arguably the two hottest names in hip-hop this summer, Drake and Future, may have plans to unveil a surprise project, which may come out in the next 24 hours. Maybe.

At least, that's what many on the social media-sphere are praying for believe, having pieced together various clues from the last week, signs that they believe prove a Drizzy/Hendrix mixtape is not only in the works, but soon to be available for their streaming pleasure. I know this, because I am one of those many. While I'm personally under the impression that the rumored project is real, and that we'll be hearing it sometime in the near future, let's review all the evidence that has led to the speculation.

Earlier this week - Tuesday to be specific - those listening to Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club radio show noticed a slightly awkward back-and-forth between hosts Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee. While on the subject of Meek Mill's set at Fool's Gold Day Off the weekend prior, particularly at Meek's comments shooting down rumors of possible bad blood between he and Future, Charlamagne remarked, "Let's see if he feels like that in another couple months." 

(skip to 1:25 for the good part)

Yee's response was, "What, when Drake and Future...?" followed by just a second of awkward silence before Charlamagne interjected with "Shut up Yee. Jesus Christ." Unfortunately, the subject quickly changed, leaving everyone who picked up on the slip to wonder wait, what about Drake and Future?

Obviously something was going to happen between the 6 God and the Freebandz general, but what it was and when we could expect it wasn't clear. Fast forward a couple days, and things got really interesting. DJ Skee, notable industry vet and reputable insider, Tweeted this out Thursday afternoon.

Who could those "2 people" be? It seemed that the Mike Chehadé, listed as the Brand Manager for Skee's Skee TV and Dash Radio, had some additional commentary.

Social media helped fuel the incredible hype as various notable names from the hip-hop world took to Twitter and Instagram to either get involved in the masterful trolling job or to further allude to the likely masterpiece an actual, upcoming project. People like Philly rapper Louie V Gutta.

Or OVO Niko, who just so happened to retweet this "FBG x OVO" Future tweet from months ago last night.

Or OVO's OB OBrien, who reportedly took to Instagram with the following artwork. The artwork is rumored to be a fake, despite its utter dopeness, and OB seems to have deleted the post from his page. 

As for Angela Yee, she seems to be remaining quiet in the wake of Tuesday's slip-up.


Are we in store for massive disappointment, or will this OVOxFBG mixape actually come to fruition? My opinion, after discussing the situation with various folks in the know, conducting some online Sherlock work and taking into account the recent actions and words from both Drake and Future is that we will be getting some sort of project. I'm not sure if it was originally supposed to come out when people were reporting, but I can only assume Drake and Future are very aware of these rumors and intentionally remaining quiet. Sure, I was fooled by the apparently fake artwork last night, so I could easily be wrong, but hey, I'll take my chances. All we can do now is cross our fingers, mix the Sprite with that lean, and pray to the 6 God for deliverance.

You'll find me tuned into the OVO Beats 1 radio show tomorrow night listening to what will definitely be one of the best mixtapes of the year, maybe, probably, hopefully.

UPDATE: Coming out of the weekend, one fact is obvious: no (official) joint project between Drake and Future was released. Neither artist has come forward to confirm or deny its existence, and all we can really do is sit back and cross our fingers. Despite the lack of a release, a few more additional "clues" dropped over the weekend, including DJ Skee responding to a quesiton about the project's existence, saying it was still on the way but working through a delay.


Many are under the impression that the project will be dubbed Put It All In A Plastic Bag, pointing to a recent Instagram upload by Drake that may showcase a possible album artwork. Again, this is all speculation right now, but it's an intriguing post/picture and happens to include the same writing style from the IYRTITL cover, from street artist Jim Joe (who coincidentally tweeted this a few weeks back).


JIM JOE 2015

A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

A reported tracklist also made its way to the web, and while the feature and production credits are likely to send anyone hyped for the release into another level of anticipation, it again, could be fake. For what it's worth, the website putitallinaplasticbag.com is currently running a timer set to end in the next five days. It's very likely this has nothing to do with a possible Drake/Future mixtape, much like it's possible that the rumored project may not exist at all, and that many (including myself) are looking way too deep into the work of trolls, BUT DAMMIT THERE'S HOPE! 

To recap, there could be a Drake/Future collaborative project in the works, and it could be released this week, and it could be named Put It All In A Plastic Bag OR it could be as real as Leprechauns and Bigfoot and everyone's geared up for massive disappointment. Let's hope we actually hear some official confirmation on just about any aspect of this scenario, and soon, because I'm starting to feel like I'm looking for Pepe Silvia.

[By Brendan Varan. He's still going to use that fake artwork if this project is real, shout out to all the talented Photoshop trolls. Follow him on Twitter.]

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