Chance The Rapper Shares Donald Glover’s Best Piece of Advice

By | Posted October 6, 2016
Behind every great artist is a great team, but one member in particular is vital to prolonged success.

Everywhere you look Chance The Rapper is present. Daytime TV? Check. Late night TV? Check. Award shows? Of course. Commercials? Why not.

In just the past 10 months, the Chicago native has shown the entire world what it looks like when an independent hip-hop artist redistributes power in an industry long ruled by suits in tall buildings. However, Chance didn't accomplish all of these feats on his own. Remember, behind every successful artist is a team of hardworking, dedicated individuals. 

One of these individuals is his business manager, who Chance told Billboard was based on a recommendation by his good friend Donald Glover:

Donald Glover told me when I was, like, 19 to hire a business manager. He said it was the smartest 5 percent he ever gave up, and I agree, just in terms of structure and planning. 

Similar to the advice Jeezy offered up on Wednesday, about the importance of investing in yourself, Donald's advice to Chance to hire a business manager to handle the business side of his career was savvy. The role of a business manager is to oversee all financial affairs for a recording artist, in order to ensure maximum earning potential. This includes negotiating contracts for publishing splits, sponsorships and endorsement deals, as well as paying bills and collecting monies owed. By hiring a trusted individual to handle these responsibilities, Chance and the rest of his team were granted the time necessary to focus on creating new music, and executing on marketing and branding initiatives. 

It's important to note, though, that a business manager should never double as an artist's day-to-day manager or the head of their record label. In order to ensure that an artist's best interests are always in mind, the business guy should strictly be the business guy. Just ask Wiz Khalifa.


By DJ Z, who loves to argue with you on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Billboard (Chance)

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