Eminem Shares Much Better “Chloraseptic” With 2 Chainz

By | Posted January 8, 2018
Where was this Eminem during 'Revival''s recording process?
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Eminem heard your complaints. He knows you judged his new album Revival based on the tracklist before it was even released.

Also, he doesn't give a fuck.

On Monday, Shady Records released a remixed version of the Phresher-assisted "Chloraseptic," which not only includes a verse by 2 Chainz, the song's original guest, but also new verses by Phresher and Marshall himself. 

Now, this version is "raw as fuck."

For those who didn't enjoy the album version of "Chloraseptic," the remix—much of which was clearly recorded following the release of Revival—is a major step up, between 2 Chainz' resounding opening verse to Marshall's tirade against angry fans and media types who dogged his latest full-length (“'Walk on Water' sucked? Bitch suck my dick,” “I practically cut my motherfucking fanbase in half and still outsold you”).

This four-minute and fifty-five-second lyrical onslaught is impressive—at least, compared to most of the material on Revival—but it does raise a simple question: where was this Eminem during the recording process?

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