Tory Lanez Says Sometimes “You Have to Stroke an Artist’s Ego” to Land a Feature

By | Posted August 15, 2017
"If I ask you for a feature and you say no, iight. You'll do it later when I get more hot."
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Artists and producers often land guest features for singles, remixes, and albums through a variety of methods, including but not limited to: a giant check, a favorable publishing split and the promise of a future favor in return.

In a new interview with HNHH, which is roughly 38 minutes longer than it should be, Toronto hitmaker Tory Lanez admits that, for him, securing a feature has also been about gassing up his peers.

"Sometimes, artists need a stroke of ego, like you have to stroke an artist's ego and let him know that you're not superior, in a way, before they give you that," said Lanez. "Me, I was always a person, like, if you like my music and I like yours, organically, hopefully, we can work."

While rappers are often accused of having an overinflated sense of artistic worth, especially given the braggadocious nature of most mainstream hip-hop, Tory's commentary serves as a friendly reminder that, no matter how skilled, famous or successful an artist might become, everyone likes when people say nice things about them. 

"I'm not a reacher, I don't reach. If I ask you for a feature and you say no, iight. You'll do it later when I get more hot. I don't reach," added Tory.

Well, now we know why Tory's 2016 debut, I Told You, included a grand total of zero guest features.

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