Ahmad KickStarts New Campaign to Make Gravy (& Beautiful Soul Music)

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Download DJBooth's new App, The PLUG DJBooth Freestyle alum and site regular Ahmad is gearing up to release his joint audio/video project Good Meat Makes Gravy via the Booth, but before he does he needs some support from the people (that'd be you, me and us). I'll let the man himself take it from here:


Friends + Family

It's my birthday! A great day to talk about my new EP/FILM project Good Meat Makes Gravy LOL

Good Meat Makes Gravy is an album that conveys optimism while acknowledging the realities of everyday life. I wrote this short collection of songs to express my appreciation for different musical genres while displaying a variety of styles and influences. Five words describe my new style of singing and melodic rhyming: Beautiful Soul for the People.

My good friends Goon Rock and Shane Eli handle the production on the album. Super-producer Goon Rock’s “Party Rock Anthem” for LMFAO held at #1 for six weeks on Billboard’s Top 100 chart. Goon’s ability to create soulful dance music is an incredible gift. Shane Eli is a creative force on the rise. In the past year, Shane created the music score for a foreign film, released a solo hip-hop album and produced a song for the legendary band Earth, Wind & Fire.

WOW! The project is going to sound awesome, right? That’s not enough. Music enthusiasts today expect more than just great songs. High- quality, engaging video content can mean the difference between success and failure in the music industry. With this in mind, I have the idea to create a short film based on Good Meat Makes Gravy.

This will be an AWESOME film. A movie created around an album? So dope! I’m pumped. I NEED YOUR HELP. The Kickstarter campaign starts today, and I have 30 days to raise the minimum budget of $12,500 or the project gets $0. There are considerable costs associated with recording, mixing and mastering an album. In addition, I'm facing big post-production and editing expenses on the film. On top of that, I hope to raise enough money to hire a professional publicist.

Please give whatever you can to help make this vision a reality. I will forever appreciate you, and you'll receive some really cool rewards in return. Have your copy of the album and film before everyone else! CLICK TO HELP AHMAD

Good Meat Makes Gravy is going to make you laugh, cry, hope and feel. I still believe in the power of unity; thank you for believing in me.

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