Best/Worst Of The Week: Jean Grae Educates, Meek Mill Complains & More

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Listen, it's Friday, we get it. Nobody really wants to do anything that involves using your brain. So "Best/Worst" will provide you with both the biggest Fails and the most awesome awesomeness, as well as some of the best (and worst) music of the week. It's a whole lot of everything.

Now let's get started...

Best Of The Week:

Blood On The Mosh Pit:

A few months ago, at a Tech N9ne show,I handed my drink and jacket to my date  to go mosh because that's what you do when "Riot Maker" is being performed. It was the first mosh pit I have been in since a CKY show back in college, and it was fucking glorious. I forgot how much fun and how liberating it can be to hurl your self around and run the fuck into people. That feeling when you lose control and are at the whim of the people on the outside pushing you back in is so god damn liberating. Sadly, it doesn't happen enough at hip-hop shows. I mean I get a 3LW reunion tour might not scream "hurl your body into strangers", but sometimes, when a song hits me right in the soul, I need to take it out on other people; and for the record I never have nor ever will attend a 3LW show. Don't get me wrong, I love a "Knuck If You Buck" as much as the next guy, but even when that get's played, nobody really moshes; someone might start to fight but that's dumb and no fun for anyone. In my opinion it's what makes this clip so dope.

Damn. That was live as fuck and I don't even really mess with "Blood On The Leaves" that much. I know Kanye and festivals don't have the best history, but regardless of how you feel about him, you can't tell me you wouldn't want to be right smack in the middle of that. Who would have thought Kanye would have such a big mosh-pit? Kanye for the win (per usual).

Real Talk With Jean Grae:
This was going to be the album of the week, but it's too fucking good to not have t's own sacred spot in the best of the week. I try to have a good attitude towards people, you know, for karma and all that jazz, but sometime's it's so hard when people are so damn stupid. Like not stupid as in they don't know the capital of France or how to do algebra, stupid in that they think they are the only ones who exist in the world and have no empathy or awareness of other people. I know Jean Grae feels me, because she put out an insanely dope concept album teaching grown-ups how to be grown-ups.

Why don't you know how to operate in the world? What's wrong with you? This album with 11 songs, will tackle such issues as "No One Cares About Your Phone Conversation," "Keep To The Right, Dammit" and "A Handle Means Pull" PLUS MUCH MORE! Play it for people. We have to do better.

Fucking preach Jean! It's sad we need this, but we really do. This should be played in every public place five times a day.

Best Music Of The Week:
A very pleasant surprise here, ladies and gentleman. Not that it's hot as balls out, it only feel right to pick something from the West Coast, where it's ho like all the fucking time. I can't explain it, when it's 90 plus out, I need a lil' West Coast bounce,so when I saw an album called ComptonFornia 2 I had to give it a spin. Never really heard this AD cat before, but he really impressed me. If you liked YG's album, this project is for you. Great West Coast hip-hop.


Worst Of The Week:

Meek Mill Pulls A Wale

I hate beef. I hate Meek Mill. I hate MMG. Not to mention my very tumultuous relationship with Wale. So of course when Wale and Meek, two MMG artists, have beef of something as trivial as supporting one another's album, it's going to be a fail. Basically Meek Mill did what any grown man does, and took to social media to complain about not getting support from Wale for his new album.

Does he think a Wale  tweet three months before your album release date is going make it go platinum? Wale isn't your mom, he's not your teammate, essentially, he is a co-worker, in the loosest sense of the word; he doesn't owe you shit. Quit crying and make better music and you wont have to worry about tweets.This is something I would expect Wale to complain about. It's not a good look when you complain about one of the complainest emcees in the game.

Tyga...more like bye-ga
I have some sad new to report. Hope you are sitting down and have tissues ready. Tyga is dropping out of Wiz Khalifa's tour.

Here are my 10 ten reasons why this horrible tragedy occurred. I'm just trying to make sense of it all...
1.) Wiz ate all his Funyuns
2.) Amber Rose made him nervous
3.) Wiz realized you'd have to be high to have Tyga on your tour.
4.)Tyga had to leave to flex with the biebz some more.
5.)Tyga is really a undercover FBI agent posing as a rapper
6.)He's been replaced with holographic Tyga
7.) Tyga wouldn't play "Coconut Juice"
8.)It's Wiz Khalifa
9.) It's Tyga
10.) Who cares?

Worst Music Of The Week:
I know what you need, Britney Spears singing without auto-tune.


Comment Of The Week:
Not gonna lie, RapPipeAddict killed it with his analogy for Busta Rhymes' career on the podcast post.

I think his problem is that he trying too hard to be 'down' with young'uns. Like the old guy in the Club. Busta Rhymes career is equivalent to Those older women that spend lots of money on plastic surgery on their face to look younger only to end up lookin much worse than they would if they allowed it to age natural.

Fuck. Why didn't I think of that. Bravo, sir, Bravo. A million Booth bucks to you. 



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