Best/Worst Of The Week: 4th Of July Edition

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Tags: Humor
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​No Best/Worst of the week this week. It’s America’s Birthday; go out, have a beer, eat a hot dog, and listen to some hip-hop. Before you do though, check out this cool stuff from the week. No frills, just cool shit, so you can get to lighting stuff on fire and drinking.


Kendrick Karaoke:


Soccer “Fans”:



Jeezy’s Number 1 Fan is ESPN’s Jay Bilas:



Andre Hendrix:










Howard & Dempsey Talk To Obama:













Todays Oxymoron: The Skateboarding Cop










Tipping Fast Food Workers $100:










Scary Clown Prank:



NPR Microphone Check: Pete Rock



Have a great weekend.Happy birthday America!


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