Kanye Joins Big Sean for Finally Famous Launch Concert in NYC (Video)

By | Posted June 22, 2011
Big Sean gave a historic show with Kanye in NYC and DJBooth was on hand.
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As I was standing in the back of a never-ending line for Big Sean’s Finally Famous Album Launch Party at Irving Plaza in NYC, I started to loose hope. My feet ached, it was hot as hell outside and the line was not giving an inch. The place was a zoo and it was survival of the fittest to get inside. As I begged for the line to move, like an answer to my prayers, a black Cadillac Escalade rolled up right next to me in line.

“People, please form a gap. I’m going to need you to step aside,” the security guard yelled over the bellowing crowds.

No way, I thought. It can’t be… it was. Mr. Finally Famous himself steps out the car standing no more than five foot seven in a white t-shirt, a Detroit fitted and too many gold chains to count. Cameras flash and ladies shriek. The crowd sways and stumbles to get a closer look. My heart races as he steps so close I could smell his cologne. But just as fast as he arrived, he was through the doors and backstage. Now I must get inside.

At long last we climb the stairs and follow the music and strong scent of rapper weed that leads us to a room about to explode. DJ Enuff and K Foxx from Hot 97 were setting the tone for a sick performance. Clearly there was no shortage of support for the Finally Famous movement. As each name was announced, “We got Chiddy Bang in the building!” The crowd got louder. “Pusha-T is in the building!” And louder, until it erupted as Big Sean busted on stage to his All of the Lights Freestyle.

Big Sean Irving Plaza

Touching on his old material with tracks like Desire Want & Need and My Closet, Sean set himself up for his new joints like High and Dance (A$$). It was a performance I won’t soon forget.

But by far the highlight of the show was unexpected; yet surreal. Through the haze and lights, like a true hip/hop legend, Kanye West made an appearance and threw it down for his collaboration with Sean titled Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay. Exited, no. Thrilled, no quite there. The crowd went ballistic. The man who changed music forever was backing Big Sean, the Finally Famous movement was for real. Now it was a party.

But besides the guest appearances, the chains and the fame on stage, Big Sean stayed true to one message throughout his show. If you’ve got something you love, a dream that burns deep inside, put everything you have into it. Never hold back and dream bigger than you live. If you haven no regrets one day you’ll be finally famous too. Good advice for all of us at DJ Booth. Go for it. Live for good music. Dream big. But most importantly, pick up a copy of Finally Famous, coming out June 28, for some inspiration.

Big Sean Irving Plaza

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