Classic Hate: The Internet Hates On Nas’ “Illmatic”

By | about 3 years ago
Hip-hop heads don't agree on all. I could tell a hip-hop nerd the sky is blue and they would come up with a ten page essay about how it...

Hip-hop heads don't agree on all. I could tell a hip-hop nerd the sky is blue and they would come up with a ten page essay about how it is red; there just is no winning. There is one thing however, which all hip-hop heads regard as a universal truth, Nas' "Illmatic" is one of the greatest hip-hop albums ever made. Personally it's not my absolute favorite, but there is no denying the dept, quality, and overall impact it's had. It might be hard to believe, but it has been just twenty short years since Nas unleashed the beast on us and what better way to celebrate then publicly mocking the people who publicly mocked Illmatic? It's time for Classic Hate: The Illmatic Edition.

Nas has always followed the magazines' opinion that his Illmatic was his only good album and that everything that he does must be compared to it. That is why he released "Stillmatic" as an answer. This is also why he has re-released "Illmatic."

Ten year anniversary? For an Album? Only after ten years? What other hip-hop album has had a ten year anniversary re-release? Either this guy thinks he really is as great as he thinks he is or he is just trying to hold onto a career off of one decent single per album. Come to think about it, most rappers today are only lasting because of one hit single per album as opposed to many good albums.

Nas stole his style from Kool G Rap and continues to beat us in the head with nothing but hype and the same style year after year, album after album. This guy even had the nerve to say that he was in the game for ten years before it really was tens years! Nas and Jay-Z. Fake battles, hype and soft music. Retire Nas.

There was once a time in the rap game where corny has-been rappers would not be heard from again, but in this day and age where hype can get you a hit and one single can get you a platinum LP, careers have been undeservingly prolonged. Jay-Z is in the same boat. They both had the nerve to call themselves the king. If they really knew it, they would not have to say it, we would all know it. There is only one king. He has been on top for 20 years. Going platinum when selling 300,000 was like going gold. That king is, like Micheal Jordan, having to wait for Magic and Bird to disappear before he could once and for all show the world that his title has no equal. That king, the ONLY is - L.L. Cool J!


This nut job wrote a whole god damn doctorate thesis and still is all wrong. I feel like this dude has a lot of feelings toward Nas. Did he take his girlfriend? Light some poop on fire and leave it on his porch? Dude is taking a whole career, making these wildly inaccurate, brushstroke claims on a singular album review. If you have all these feelings fine, but why post it on an album that was released n the early 90's and is pretty much above all criticism instead of something new from Nas. "There was once a time in the rap game where corny has-been rappers would not be heard from again". I can (sort of) agree with that. The only problem is that the time was the '90s...when fucking Illmatic dropped; this guy needs a hip-hop timeline ASAP.  Dude could have written the most well-thought out, logical argument (with photographic evidence) and it would have been refuted by his last know...the one where he compares Michael Jordan to L.L. Cool J. LL fucking Cool J. You argument is now invalid (although, really, it already was)




Alright so.... this album is very old and I thought I would like it and all that crap but it seems i don't.... i think i'm startin to really hate old skool now...


Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to the first and only person to say they hate old "skool" hip-hop. 





"Pinocchio" was surely considered impressive at it's time of release (1940) by critics and the audiences alike; however, in present day it looks outdated and goofy compared to the recent advances in animation that are created by Pixar. Like Pinocchio, "Illmatic" is nothing but novelty, and only nostalgic to businessmen who are in their 40s by now. With outdated social issues taking prevalence in most of the songs, one can only feel relieved at how far rap has come since this album was released! Lil' Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Black Eyed Peas and Eminem have thankfully revived this once dead genre, so I suggest that everyone gets with the times and listen to those talented folks instead.


So this guys argument is if it's old, its not as good; the complete opposite of the real world. I almost respect it, people go ape shit over old, nostalgic things, but this guy is all about the future. You know what makes Illmatic a classic? The fact that everyone can appreciate it. I still remember when I first heard it, I knew nothing about hip-hop and even 13 year old me knew this was good. I'm not 40, and I sincerely doubt many of you are, and yet we all appreciate Illmatic; that is what makes it a classic. I'm not even going to respond to the last thing said because he has to be trolling (at least that's what I'm telling myself).





This album lacked good beats which is a pattern for Nas along with beat-stealing. This guy, like Jay-Z make me sick. They both steal from 2pac even though Pac clearly never liked either one of them. Nas and Jay-Z sample far too many beats and lack creativity. Neither one are worth a damn and bring down the value of the east coast rap scene. That's why the westcoast is number 1, they can't hold a flame to Dre, Xzibit, Ice Cube, Too Short, or even Daz, Kurupt, Shaq, or Warren G. I'm sure if I guy that didn't like me spit on the mic about my cred or lack thereof, I wouldn't steal his beats in order to get the spotlight. Nas will never be as good as 2pac and more people need to realize that Nas is foul. His bad songs definitely outweigh the good which in undisputable. Ooooooooh, I'm a loser named Nas and I need to steal the beat from Cream's "Sunshine Of Your Love" in order to release my first single for my album.


Different classic hate, same shit. Why do the people one coast feel the need to  let everyone no rappers from the other coast aren't as good? Also, in what was did Nas steal from Tupac? They are two of the most recognizable emcees and sound nothing alike. In fact, I don't think I have ever heard Nas on a West Coast beat. Sick burn at the end too. Nas is gonna be up late thinking about that one. Oh and he falls victim to another hate pitfall, the hip-hop "stealing" accusation. stealing, better known as sampling, is the coolest thing about hip-hop. The fact you can take something and make it into a completely different song blows my fucking mind; it most definitely isn't stealing. Also preeeettyyyy sure Nas never sampled Cream's "Sunshine Of Your Love" so there's that.





No way in hell is the CD the best ever made. I am so upset I finally bought this album and it disappointed me so bad. I love premo but this whole cd sounds like it is biting off 36 chambers sound and they didn't even do that well. Everyone was talking about the lyrics. They weren't that great. If you want a classic cd get GZA's liquid swords. GZA smokes NAZ on lyrical ability. I don't even want to mention my man Pharaohe Monch. Don't by the CD it is way to hyped up. Save your Money.


This is perhaps the most baffling piece of classic hate I have come across. Normally, it's clear the people are idiots and know nothing about anything...espeically hip-hop. Well, this guy drops Pharoah Monch's name and mentions Liquid Swords so he or she must have some idea what hip-hop is about. Normally they recommend the new Nicki Minaj album or the One Direction/Miley Christmas CD, but dude has some taste. I'm pretty confused here. We are reaching uncharted waters in the sea of classic hate. You know what though, this may make me hate him more. The other haters don't know any better, but clearly, this person does. I'm almost more disappointed in him than that guy who hates old "skool" hip-hop.





With people ranting and raving about the best hip hop album of all time with only 10 songs?


First and foremost, that's not even a sentence. Second, who cares if it's only 10 songs; quality over quantity. I guess this guy would rather check out the Migos mixtape with 25 versions of the essentially the same song. There may only be ten, but each song is essentially worth ten more songs; "The World Is Yours is more valuable than most albums anyway; put that on an albums 12 times in a row and I'll buy it.

At this point, I'm not even surprised any more. I should be shocked that the internet is teeming with hate for arguably the best hip-hop album ever, but at this point, nothing on the interwebz shocks me anymore. It's only taken a year and a half, but the internet, and unwarranted, blasphemous hate has already turned me into a jaded, pessimistic shell of my once youthful self. Oh well, at least I still have Illmatic.

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