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New York, N.Y. -- If devotion to one's grind were measured in miles traveled in pursuit of one's goals, David Dallas would already be one of the hardest hustlers in the game; between his hometown of Papatoetoe, Auckland, New Zealand to his current residence in NYC lie roughly 8,831 of them. Already a seven-year veteran of the NZ scene with three solo releases (and several national awards) under his belt when he signed with Duck Down Records in 2010, Dallas made his stateside debut in May 2011 with sophomore studio album The Rose Tint (featuring breakout single "Big Time"). Earlier this month, the critically-acclaimed set was re-released in a expanded edition; featuring newly-added bonus tracks as well as the instrumentals from the original album, the deluxe version of the project is available now in both physical and digital formats Click here to purchase The Rose Tint on iTunes!

In an exclusive interview, David Dallas steps into the Booth to discuss the meaning behind the title of his new album, the differences between heads stateside and in his home country, and which two hip-hop acts are so popular around his way that they should be considered "honorary New Zealanders."

You just re-released your new album, The Rose Tint. What is "The Rose Tint"?

The Rose Tint is just a collection of good tunes. I've always been a cynical dude but I never wanna make miserable music. I'd like to think The Rose Tint could act as the soundtrack for anyone that's driven or ambitious.

What color, other than rose, best represents the sound of your music?

Depends on the project really, for something like The Rose Tint I guess a warm colour like orange, but some of my older material is dark as f*ck so that'd be more suited to a cold blue or something.

Who was the most popular artist in New Zealand while you grew up listening to rap music?

2Pac and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are particularly huge out here even to this day. They're practically honorary New Zealanders.

What is the biggest difference between hip hop fans in America versus fans in New Zealand?

I think in terms of the actual hip hop 'fans' they're pretty similar. It's the general population where there's a big difference - the average mainstream dude in the States is way more clued up about hip hop than the average dude in NZ.

The other day you Tweeted "All work is easy work." Has music always come easy? What is a challenge?

Haha I was just on my Floyd Mayweather buzz. I wouldn't say music comes easy, but it definitely feels natural to me - like something I'm supposed to do. I still have moments of writers block though just like anyone else.

What are you working on in the months to come, which you'd like The DJBooth readers to know more about?

Just working on newer and better tunes. There'll be a successor to The Rose Tint sooner than people think. Keep an ear out.

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