DJ Affect Jumps “In the Mix” (Exclusive Interview)

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Download DJBooth's new App, The PLUG Tomorrow we'll be dropping Vol. 2 of our Best of the Booth mixtapes series - thanks to DJ Critical Hype and everyone who made Vol. 1 such an enormous success - and this time around we have the honor of working with Miami-based DJ, mash-up master and entrepreneur DJ Affect.

Before Best of the Booth Vol. 2 becomes the greatest mixtape in hip-hop history (what can we say, we aim high), we thought we'd take a moment to get to know the man behind the turntables. Affect developed a love for music early growing up in a sonically eclectic household, and he's spun that love into a highly successful career, DJing regularly at some of Miami's hottest clubs, performing alongside legends like DJ Clue and Funkmaster Flex, and much, much more. In this five question interview, Affect talks more about his musically diverse roots, the difference between an amateur and professional DJ, and, of course, extols the virtues of Patron.

You became committed to DJing at a very young age after an injury ended a potential athletic career. What was it about music that you felt so drawn to?

DJ Affect: Music has always been in my blood since I was born. Coming from a musical background playing the drums and keys.... but what drew me to DJing was knowing I can walk in a room and change everyone's mood within minutes. Turning a room full of people into a party is a height that I can’t describe!!!! There is no drug that can replace that feeling!

You're well known for your mash-ups and genre-bending samples. Where does your wide-ranging musical taste come from?

DJ Affect: Coming from a Woodstock era mother and a dad from Israel... mixed with a sister who loved rock music and hip-hop, that mix alone opened doors that I can’t explain. Growing up listening to Hendrix, The Doors and Zeplin (with my mom) to Nirvana, Oasis and Public Enemy (with my sister) mixed with Ayal Golan and Serit Hadad... Yeah, I know, what you’re saying whoooo???? Well that’s at least what I was listening to growing up, and I just mixed and fused the three together to come up with a wide selection. I said why not try and put it all together? So that explains why I have a whacked-out musical variety that can rock any party!!!

Digital technology has, for better or worse, has dramatically increased the number of DJs. For you, what separates a truly professional DJ from an amateur?

DJ Affect: It made it better for DJ’s who came from a musical background, being able to take technology and use it to its advantage. On the other hand, it made easier for people to get in the game but at the end of the day with or without laptops you still need to have skills and a good selection to rock. A computer can’t do that for you. All the people who think “Hi my name is DJ Dickhead cause I have a laptop and I know a promoter...” their career will last maybe 1 year max or maybe 5-mins after I get on the set... lol!! But good luck to all the up and comers!!!

PS- All the celebs that think they can DJ just cause they got a laptop... stick to acting/modeling/sports and let the real pros handle it. You don’t see us DJ’s trying to play football/acting in movies or walking the runway! Sorry, just had to put that out there.

What songs are out there right now that you's recommend DJs absolutely have to include in their sets?

DJ Affect:Right now music is in a state of emergency - thanks to autotune and DJ’s that play records for $$ and not for good music. But there’s still hope thanks to artists like Drake, Kanye, Alicia Keys, La Roux, Fat Joe, and Dade County’s own Rick Ross. My record of the year out the club is "Unthinkable" by Alicia, and in the club currently... Drake “Find Your Love.” Last but not least, Fat Joe with “Slow Down” haha feat. Young Jeezy... bringing back that real hip-hop sound that we were missing for a while!!!!

Last words? Shout outs? Confessions?

DJ Affect: My last words to all the artists complaining about illegal downloads... start making quality music again to make people wanna buy your albums again, instead of bootlegging the single!!! To all DJ’s that cant DJ, one word, practice!!! And to all the people telling whack DJ’s they’re good... remember you’re only cheating yourself!!!!

Shout out to: My management MADE Communication, my fellow Jew TJ, Jim Jonsin, Rico Love, all the promoters that rock with DJ Affect and Affective music group..look out for my new album droppin’ soon! All the DJ’s that still know how to DJ, oh yea, can’t forget Patron (lol) aka the life coach!!! and my family!!!!

Confession... I think the program directors on radio in Miami need serious help!!
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