DJ Chris Karns Dominates SMIRNOFF’s “Master of the Mix” on New “Invent Or Get Sent” Episode

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Download DJBooth's new App, The PLUG This years most notable winning streaks have been the 27 game streak of the Heat and the Chicago Blackhawks' 24 straight W’s without a regulation or overtime loss. Impressive, but you know what tops it? Winning three challenges in a row on of SMIRNOFF’s, Master of The Mix. You know who has done that? DJBooth’s favorite contestant, DJ Chris Karns, and with each win giving him a new piece of equipment, Chris is going to have a whole new set before the contest is over.

Okay so maybe I ruined the ending of this weeks episode “Invent Or Get Sent” in the intro, but with the way Chris has been spinning, it really isn’t that big of a spoiler. With the DJs dropping like flies, the contest is really starting heat up, and in order to stay around, each DJ really needs showcase their talents to stay in the running. The “Invent Or Get Sent” challenge was the perfect challenge to do so, forcing the DJ’s to use their abilities to think outside the box and make something new. Chris, being one of the more technical DJs, had no trouble doing so.

Even before this week's challenge began, a wrench was thrown into the boards. DJ Tina T was given one more chance to earn a spot by challenging a DJ of her choice to a 90 second scratch-off. Tina opted to go against DJ Fly Guy as he has performed much worse than Karns and any of the remaining contestants. Still, Tina couldn’t pull it off and was sent home for the second time. After the brief distraction, the DJs got to work on their sets.

Master of the Mix

Chris knew he had to come with it, as his originality and technical ability is what got him to this point. It was both a blessing and a curse however because while he was confident, he put a little extra pressure on himself. Chris said, “This is what I do, his is why I DJ if I were to go home on a challenge like this its gonna be embarrassing.” He added, “So, I’m putting a lot of extra pressure on myself because I feel like I should excel at this one.” I'll admit I was worried for my main man because, despite all his talent, he didn’t seem to have it together, running around the room getting prepared like, as he said, “a chicken with it’s head cut off,” and losing confidence by the minute.

Thankfully, Chris was the last to go and followed Fly Guy, who had a abysmal set which sent him packing. Chris, pressure off, could have delivered an average performance and scraped though, but that just isn’t his style; he brought his A game as usual. Chris incorporated classics like “The Message” from Grandmaster Flash, Dead Prez’ “Hip-Hop”, and “It Takes Two” to get the crowd rocking. What really won him the title was his inventive, diverse effects and outside the box thinking; Chris made his own beat on the turntables, and scratched the beat made in the set, all while keeping the crowd into it. His performance blew away the judges yet again. Kid Capri said Chris was the favorite to be Master Of The Mix, and Lil Jon was so impressed, he gave Chris a drop on national TV (lets hope we hear than in Chris’ other sets).

Since Chris seems to have the competition on lock, we though we would give him a little extra homework to keep his brain fresh. We asked Chris to take a look at the top 20 chart form this week and pick out three records that stood out to him and talk about them from a DJ perspective, below are his top thee from this weeks chart.

#1: A$AP Rocky ft. Skrillex & Birdy Nam Nam Wild for the Night: “This song is crazy! I was starting off my sets with this for a while when it first dropped. College kids always go nuts when it comes on.”

#2 French Montana ft. DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Mavado, Wale, Nicki Minaj Freaks (Remix): “Nice remix to what was already a dope club track. I don't even mind that this song is basically "Murder She Wrote" pitched up a half step. Hmmmmm....that gives me an idea....”

#3 Jay-Z $100 Bill: “This is a nice one. Would like to have the instrumental. I would love to flex my scratch muscles over that beat!!!”

If you want to hear DJ Chris Karns in action, be sure to check out of SMIRNOFF’s, Master of The Mix which airs on Monday night at 12 AM EST. Want to relive the sets in their infinite glory? You can watch the episode on or stream each set at right here.

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