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Download DJBooth's new App, The PLUG Last week, we jumped "In the Mix" with K. Michelle, the up-and-coming soul songstress who recently earned Booth acclaim for single "Fakin It." For the 13th entry in our Booth-exclusive interview series, we're giving readers an up-close and personal look at Dude N' Nem, the Windy City duo who brought us juke-able jams "Watch My Feet" and "Sounds Sexy."

Introduced to as members of separate crews, members Upmost and Trygic first worked together, along with another Windy City emcee, as dark, gothic hip-hop group The Scavengers. Though the trio achieved considerable success on the local scene, its life was cut short when both Trygic and the third member were forced to move. When Trygic returned to the Chi, he and Upmost reunited to form the duo we now know and love, reinventing themselves as flashy, magnetic musical personalities with a body-moving underground sound. In the time since, Dude N Nem have amassed a widespread fanbase and played shows with the high-profile likes of Rihanna and Ne-Yo. Now, the duo are preparing to take their game to the next level with the release of full-length album Tinted Incubators, set to drop November 3 via indie label The Orchard.

In this exclusive, five-question interview, Upmost and Trygic discuss the influence of juke and house on their music, their hopes for the forthcoming album, and other projects on their agenda (including... an online cooking show?).

You obviously work well as a team - musically speaking, what individual strengths and weaknesses do you both possess?

Dude N' Nem: We think we both posses the same strengths: creatively we both think outside the box, we strive for excellence and we try to have fun doing music. We never approach a project with a bad attitude. We try not to over think it because we want it to have that natural vibe. As far as weaknesses, we have none; we just continue to get stronger.

You broke into the national consciousness with your tracks "Feet on Fire" and "Watch My Feet", both inspired by Chicago's juke dancing culture. For those who don't know, what's juke and how has it influenced your sound?

Dude N' Nem: Juke music is ghetto house music. To be honest our music is not necessary influenced by juke - I would say more so by house even though juke comes from house. Our music is like a mixture of all different kinds of music ranging from house to rock etc.

More recently your single, "Sounds Sexy," has been blowing up. When you're alone with your lady (or ladies), what are some of your go-to sexy tracks to throw on in the background?

(Upmost): I don't listen to anything when I'm with my girl. I just like to hear the natural sounds of the atmosphere.

(TRYGIC): I like to listen stuff like Marvin Gaye, H Town, Jodeci and R Kelly just to name a few.

You're currently preparing to release your album, Tinted Incubators. What will it take for you to consider the album a success?

Dude N' Nem: I guess if the album went platinum that would be considered a success. That would be great! But even if it people hear it and say "This album shocked me, it was even better than I expected," we would consider that a success.

Last words?

Dude N' Nem: Also look out for Dude N Nem's new cooking show on YouTube, and follow us on Twitter (twitter.com/dudennem) and MySpace (myspace.com/dudennem). Oh, and we also have a McDonalds video coming out soon, be on the lookout for that.

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