E-40 Celebrates His Birthday & 20 Years In The Rap Game

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Las Vegas, NV -- Many have tried but few have maintained their consistency in the rap arena. The Bay Area’s Ambassador also known as E-40 will celebrate his birthday and 20 years of success as a rapper, entrepreneur and daily boss. “I really felt it was about that time again where I brought all of my friends and fam-bam together to have one big pow-wow and toast it up in the air for several occasions. For those who came out to my album release in Hollywood, they know exactly what to expect and if they didn’t make it just know this is Part II just for you,” says E-40.

Recently serving as the official announcer at the 2007 BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta, Georgia; E-40 continues to expand the bandwidth of his career. The proud Franchisee of Fat Burger and Wingstop Restaurant just recently gained an endorsement deal with diamond jewelry company, ICEPICKS to launch a diamond studded toothpick line. In the midst of celebrating his birthday the savvy rapstar will unveil his signature line of water pronounced “40 Water.” “Rapping brought me into the entertainment game, once I got in my eyes got bigger. As a business man I get the best of both worlds and the privileges of working and reaping the benefits at the best time in my career,” explains E-40.

The highly anticipated red carpet event is sure to be the talk of town. With over half a million (RIAA Certified Gold) records sold from his last release “My Ghetto Report Card,” (Sic Wid It/BME/Warner Bros. Records) guests will get a sneak-peak and listen to new music from the 2008 first quarter release entitled, “The Ball Street Journal.” From Fat Burger gift bags to yellow carpet, “This is the one party you don’t want to miss, yeee!” says the Birthday Boss!


E-40’s Birthday Party & Celebration of 20 Years In The Rap Game

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Inside of Caesars Forum Shops at Poetry Nightclub



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