Rap Quiz: 50 Cent Line or “The Wire” Quote?

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Download DJBooth's new App, The PLUG Here at DJBooth, we like to test your rap IQ every other week. For this week's edition we have combined two of white peoples' favorite things: 50 Cent and "The Wire." In celebration of the most hardened drug dealer turned rapper since Drake (he was a drug dealer on that "Degrassi" show, right?), you must decide if the following 11 quotes are from "The Wire" or 50 Cent. Think carefully because, should you get one wrong, Omar is just around the corner. You know, Omar or a silly 50 Cent GIF. This one is tough, but not as tough as one of Mr. Prezbo’s quizzes, so you might have a shot.

Without cheating, how many can you get right (honor code)? Best of luck! Just remember, its all in the game yo...

"I'm just a gangsta I suppose"
50 Cent
The Wire

"World goin one way, people another yo"
50 Cent
The Wire

"N***s shouldn't throw stones if you live in a glass house"
50 Cent
The Wire

"When I ran the shop and my numbers dropped I damn sure did something about it"
50 Cent
The Wire

"Be easy, stop the bullshit, you get your whole crew wet"
50 Cent
The Wire

"Death gotta be easy cause life is hard"
50 Cent
The Wire

"And my man, tomorrow he gon' get out of jail. ROR, trust me nigga I know the law"
50 Cent
The Wire

"There's games beyond the fucking game"
50 Cent
The Wire

"The fiends need me, I ain't around, they bones ache"
50 Cent
The Wire

"The crown ain't worth much if the n***a wearing it always gettin his shit took"
50 Cent
The Wire

So? How many did you get? If you aced our quiz, congrats, you are well on your way to becoming the next Marlo. Less than five and your are like that gump, Namond. At least its better than being Ziggy, though, right?

[Lucas Garrison is a writer for DJBooth.net. His favorite album is "College Dropout", but you can also tweet him your favorite Migos songs at @Lgarrison88.]

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