Five Fall Albums To Check Out

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Leaves are changing, the air is crisping, and jack-o-lanterns are being carved; fall is in full force! Fall may be defined by football, candy and eating pumpkin pie until your pants don’t fit, but lets not forget that there is also a bountiful harvest of new albums being released. Pepsi previewed some of the biggest pop albums dropping this Fall, but we had to throw in some of our picks as well; there are enough albums to stuff a turkey with, including these five:

Eminem Marshall Mathers LP 2
It has been a hot minute since we have heard from Eminem—his last album, Recovery, is now more than three years old—so the buzz and anticipation for his new album is at an all time high. As if a new album wasn’t enough, he builds even more buzz by making this the sequel to his legendary (and arguably best) album, 2000's Marshall Mathers LP. Whenever Eminem releases new content, the word stops to take notice, so unless you want to be the person who ahs nothing to say at all those thanksgiving feasts and Halloween parties, you better keep an ear out for MMLP2 which drops on November 2.

M.I.A. Matangi
I still remember where I was when I first heard M.I.A’s “Paper Planes” (a friend's car on the way to a party if you were interested). While she had an impressive career before “Paper Planes”, the success of the single made her a force to be reckoned with and introduced her unique, hybrid style to a much bigger audience. Now five years after “Paper Planes” M.I.A is prepping for the release of her fourth studio album, Matangi. Only time will tell if she has another “Paper Planes” on her hands, but with a hip-hop/dance/pop fusion and a few features from the biggest name in R&B, The Weekend, you would be a fool to bet against her. You can grab Matangi on November 4.

Normally self-titled albums are used for an artist or groups debut album, but MGMT ain’t your typical group. I can guarantee that heir third studio album, MGMT (which hit the airwaves back in September) is and will be unlike anything else this year when it is all said and done. You have undoubtedly heard their hits “Kids” and “Electric Feel” but they are by no means a two hit wonder. One listen (and view) of “Cool Song No. 2”—which we talked about a few weeks back—and you will know to expect the unexpected. About the only thing you can know for sure is that their blend of electronic, psychedelic rock, and indie pop will make this a Fall album to remember.

Pearl Jam Lightning Bolt
When Pearl Jam started out, George Bush was president; no not good ol’ W, but his dad, the first George Bush. Since 1990, Pearl Jam has released nine studio albums, performed all around the world, made headlines for their outspoken political beliefs, and achieved just about all you can hope for in a music career. With Lighting Bolt, their 10th album, Pearl Jam will show you just what it takes to survive in a constantly changing industry; short answer is amazing talent and deep, quality music. I know RefinedHype Nation is a hip-hop community, but surely we can appreciate Pearl Jam’s contribution to music. Anyone who can stay relevant for 23 years deserves your attention, which is why you NEED to check out Lightning Bolt, which dropped earlier this month.

Elvis Costello & The Roots Wise Up Ghost
Every hip-hop head knows The Roots, but I doubt too many know who Elvis Costello is. Think of him like the Roots of the pop/rock world. Since 1970, Costello has been stretching the boundaries on what pop music is like the roots have been pushing the limits of what you think hip-hop is so you can only imagine what it would sound like if they joined forces. Well, I guess you don’t have to only imagine, since their collaborative album, Wise Up Ghost was released last month. The Roots are no stranger to thinking outside of the box with artist you wouldn’t expect and that skill really suits them well. While they might be in different lanes, talent transcends genre which is why Wise Up Ghost is one of the more memorable fall albums.

For even more picks, be sure to check out Pepsi Pulse's "The Essential Fall Pop Album Guide".

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