5 Fresh Songs You Might Have Missed (6/5)

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Whenever I hear someone say, "I just don't have time to find new music" it makes my blood boil. I mean, might as well say "I just don't have time to eat or drink water". Okay that's extreme. I guess when you live in the real world, spending your day scouring the internet for the latest and greatest hip-hop isn't really an option. Hell, even getting an ear on all of the DJBooth features is a task. I'm sure you heard that Drake track and the hot Statik Selektah cut from earlier this week, but there is always so much more here on The DJBooth. While you may have missed some of the best cuts of the week, there is no way in hell I did. I'll be happy to share the dopest of the dope from this week, like....

Torey Lanez - "Teyana"

Torey has been on my radar for a hot minute now. He might not be the most unknown of artists featured this week, but considering his style, I'm surprised he isn't more popular. I have been waiting for the day he signs to OVO. A T-dot native with a radio ready R&B/rap hybrid sound? Is he Drake's brother? Typically, I don't go for this type of song--only the best of the best can get me to take my backpack off--but I really like Tory. "Teyana" may be a little to R&B-ish for me, but it still bangs. Keep an eye on this guy, eventually he's going to sing somewhere big and eventually he's going to blow up.

Nikkiya - "Telegram"


It's been a while since we have heard from Nikkiya, but she's a good friend of the Booth, so she's always welcome. Boy am I glad she's back. You may remember her from Dizzy Wright's The First Agreement (which, to this day, is still in rotation) or her stellar tune, When I Was High, but that's the past; "Telegram" is the present and the future. This effort comes from her new project, sheBLACKOUT, due out June 10, and what a single it is. I always had her pegged as a more hip-hop kind of singer, but this has some serious soul vibes. Still, there is a new age vibe to it that is very fresh. I can;t wait for more, I just hope she doesn't disappear again; my heart can't take it.

Benny Cassette - "Raging Bull"



All I can think about when it comes to Benny Cassette is why the fuck isn't he a household name? I mean the guy is singed to G.O.O.D Music and has an absolutely epic, intoxicating sound. Like the G.O.O.D Music head honcho (Kanye in case you are new to the earth) Benny can both rap and produce.... and what a producer he is. The production value on "Raging Bull" is off the charts and the epic drums really give the song it's punch. Benny's hybrid style is still powerful, but if it weren't for those drums and a dope sample, this would sound more like an R&B cut than anything. This effort is so well done and has that epic, G.O.O.D Music feel. He may be the least known member of G.O.O.D but he is quickly becoming my favorite...well...except for Kanye of course.

Bipolar Sunshine - "Deckchairs On The Moon"



Eureka! I found it! The perfect summer song. When the weather warms up, I am always on the lookout for a new song to add to that summer playlist. It was originally featured a few weeks ago, but now, the shiny new video reminded me that when I'm BBQing and day drinking, this song need to be on heavy rotation. The shrouded, synth backdrop is catchy and is basically the music equivalent of driving with the windows down. I love Sunshine's vocals too. He has some great pop vocals but not in a bubble gummy way; there is more heart in them than your typical summer pop cut. This one is a winner.

Has-Lo & Castle - "Go To Work"



Okay, one for you hip-hop heads out there. I realize most of picks aren't exactly the most hip-hop of hip-hop, but Castle and Has-Lo more than make up for it. Has is one of those guys who I always listen to when I see the name (and always like what I hear) but always forget to check out when I have a second. Well that ends now; When "Live Like You’re Dead" drops late next month, I will be all over it. To be fair, this effort isn't all about Has (though he did produce it) Castle does his thing two. I really love how their flows mesh so well. They aren't identical, but sound similar enough to keep a consistent, no-nonsense vibe to the tune. I don;t have to think too much about this one, it just works; and thier sample choices are great!

There you have it, five of my personal favorites from the week. What are yours?

[Lucas Garrison is a writer for DJBooth.net. His favorite album is "College Dropout", but you can also tweet him your favorite Migos songs at @Lgarrison88.]

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