MURS’ “Hip Hop and Love” Tour Visits San Francisco [Exclusive Coverage]

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Download DJBooth's new App, The PLUG San Francisco, Calif. -- Friday night, a fantastic group of underappreciated talent descended upon the extraordinary Fillmore to display their brand of timeless music on the Hip Hop and Love Tour.

Damon Dash’s Bluroc Records is responsible for the 51-city tour headlined by Los Angeles underground hip-hop icon MURS, and legendary hip-hop producer Ski Beatz; who is responsible for classic albums including Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt, Curren$y’s Pilot Talk series, and most recently a collaboration with MURS titled Love & Rockets, Volume 1: The Transformation, which was released earlier this month. Ski Beatz provided the music alongside his band, The Senseis; in an effort to produce one of the finest sounding hip hop events I’ve ever been to.

New York MC and nephew of Bluroc CEO Damon Dash, Da$h opened the show accompanied by music genius Sean O’Connell on guitar as the two performed a few of the tracks off of their 2011 projects ChRon Burgandy and The Caveman Files, mixtapes that highlight Da$h’s lyrical ability and ear for music. At the age of 19, Da$h has already separated himself from other young MCs by working almost exclusively with exceptional, musically inspired producers like O’Connell and Ski Beatz; creating unique sounding songs with lyrics that perfectly melt into the stunning production.

Mckenzie Eddy

On stage next was a gifted artist whose style is like no one else I’ve ever experienced. McKenzie Eddy is a talented lyricist who uses a beautiful singing voice to elegantly kill a number of hip hop beats produced by both Ski Beatz and Sean O’Connell. Performing tracks off of her recent project,Young Platinum, Eddy’s voice sounds impressive over traditional hip-hop beats, while her lyrics hold their own on tracks accompanied by MURS or Da$h. Her finest moment of the night came during Ski Beatz’s set, when she performed her brilliant verse on Silence, a Ski Beatz-produced track from Curren$y’s Pilot Talk 2.

When Ski Beatz took the stage with his band it was obvious the crowd did not understand the amount of music he’s contributed to hip hop. Beatz proceeded by displaying his legendary productions, including Dead Presidents and Feelin It off Reasonable Doubt; brought to life by the Sensei’s. Throughout the night Ski would support the MCs on stage by creating beats on the spot, which was one of the most exciting things I’ve witnessed at any live show.

Ski Beatz

As Ski and the Sensei’s continued to rock, it was finally time for the tours leading man to hit the stage. The crowd greeted MURS with a huge reception as they welcomed the seasoned indie hip hop veteran to the Bay Area. Immediately the California MC reached deep into his catalog to let his loyal fans know that nothing has changed but his hair and status from loveable underground MC, to the global independent music icon he is today. Backed by Ski Beatz and The Senseis, MURS brought the energy of an MC in his prime. He’s always been a artist fuelled by his passion as an MC, and with the help of the live instruments provided by The Senseis, MURS is able to recreate the persona of the early twenties hard working MC who puts his soul into his lyrics and heart into his voice. From tracks like “Bad Man”, to “Silly Girls”; and albums from Murray’s Revenge, to 3:16; MURS is an example of that hard work and refusing to conform to the rest of the hip hop world breeds a long and successful music career.

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