Meet OVO’s Next Generation, OB O’Brien & Jimmy Johnson

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In case you were wondering, my birthday is October 5. So basically, not only do I have the most popular birthday, but it also means I get to be a part of Drake's OVO crew. Everybody and their grandmother knows who Drake is, but how many really know the deal with OVO, especially the newer artists? Though Drake is the T-Dot king and October's Very Own ringleader, he isn't the only one with talent (maybe) in the OVO crew. There are (at least ) two others who seem to be coming up more and more in the last few weeks.

OB O'Brien

But wait...that's Drake's song, not OB's, so why include it? Well, that guy who is bugging the hell out of Juicy J... that's OB O'Brien. He's also the same guy from the "Started From The Bottom" video. Honestly, when I first saw him, I though about Farnsworth Bentley; the kind of guy who only has one skill, knowing the famous person. Put him in a few videos for comic relief, let him push his own brand of designer umbrellas or lawn chairs, and boom his career is made. Turns out the dude actually has some skill.

Granted, he doesn't have a ton of material, but I like what I hear so far. His humor and charisma seem to shine through. If Drake is the dude at the party moping over the girl that left with that other guy, O'Brien is the dude doing keg stands and dancing on tables. I didn't have high hopes, I just kind of assumed he would be another PartyNextDoor/Drake carbon copy, but he seems to have a style all his own. I'm not quite sure I'm sold on it, but at the very least I'm interested in hearing more.

Jimmy Johnson

The other guy? His name is Jimmy Johnson (no relation to the Nascar Driver...duh).

He's like Drake if Drake was on his "Worst Behavior" all the time instead of just when he has two apple juices before nap time. If you love aggressive Drake, like the one found here than you will love Jimmy. Again with such a small sample size it's hard to really know just what Jimmy is all about, but I am happy to report he too isn't another Drake. Of course the production is a little Drake-ish, but in terms of rapping he has a much grimier, trap feel. If you really want more, Jimmy recently dropped a nine track effort a few months back. That should be all you need to get acquainted with the future of OVO.

Whenever I hear that a big, super popular rap star has a crew behind him, I am always skeptical. I mean what are the odds that the childhood friend or bouncer of a once in a lifetime talent is also a once in a lifetime talent? However, it seems like OVO is way more than just Drake. Seems like the whole OVO crew is primed to break out, but will any of Drizzy's compatriots actually take off? Will the OVO crew be able to challenge the game's biggest crews anytime soon, or are we looking at the next edition of the St. Lunatics?

Talk amongst yourselves...

[Lucas Garrison is a writer for His favorite album is "College Dropout", but you can also tweet him your favorite Migos songs at @Lgarrison88.]

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