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By | Posted August 11, 2014
There is one indie artist, who, without fail, appears on the charts right next to some of the biggest names around. He is the only indie artist to...

There is one indie artist, who, without fail, appears on the charts right next to some of the biggest names around. He is the only indie artist to appear on the 25 most popular songs of 2014 list - he came in at number four, beating the likes of Beyonce and and Drake - and is a frequent visitor to our weekly charts.

Tech N9ne? Nope!

Macklemore? Nope!

The artist I'm talking about is New Jersey rapper and DJBooth freestyle alum, Rich Quick. We may post the larger, mainstream acts, but the essence of DJBooth is supporting hardworking, talented, and independent artists like Quick, and all indications are that Quick's going to be around for a long, long time. If he is going to be a DJBooth favorite for years, it only seems fair we get to know him better. So, with that in mind I asked him all about his DJBooth success, the legendary company he keeps, and of course his three desert island albums. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Rich Quick...

You're an indie artist yet you consistently give the big names a run for their money on our charts. What's your secret?

"I have a very personal relationship with my fans and supporters.  Many of them have been with me since I was a teenager.  People are excited to see me moving forward with my career and are willing to support me with whatever I need from them.  I appreciate my relationship with DJ Booth because it has opened up so many doors for me.  All of the premiers allow me to drive the traffic of my latest singles directly to the site.  I'm as shocked as any one else that I've been on the charts as often as I have and I also realize what a prestigious look that is.  I have a great support system behind me and honestly, the best fans I could ever ask for."

What DJBooth featured song are you most proud of? And why that selection?

"Many of the songs I've released this year have meant so much to me personally.  There were some of my records on the DJ Booth charts where I really bared my soul.  However!  The one that I'm most proud of was a collaboration with an artist that I first heard of on DJ Booth, Archie Bang!  Our song #Breakfast produced by J57, with cuts by DJ J Hart has proven to be wildly successful.  The amount of support that song received initially, then with addition of a video, was really spectacular.  And I only recently have learned that the legendary DJ Revolution had even spun that record on Wake Up Show, which was a dream come true.  Very proud of that song, the video, and the team behind it that worked together in making it come to life."

I'm a huge Tim Armstrong fan, he is a legend. Can you fill us in on your relationship with him?

"I had met and collaborated with Tim Armstrong through STRESS the Whiteboy as we were promoting our "Sad Songz EP".  The song we made, "Stay True", was for his "Tim Armstrong and Friends" series and it may possibly be my favorite collaboration I've ever done.  He truly is a legend, and being a Hip-Hop artist, to work with him was a real honor.  After the song was completed, we spoke and he told me that his brother had even mentioned that it was one of his favorite songs he's done.  I was blown away.  He really is the most humble artist of his caliber that I had ever met.  And it's both a blessing and an honor to have been able to work with him. "

You're stranded on a desert island and can only possess three albums (and three albums only) to listen to until you die. What are they?

"This is such an easy one for me.  There's only about three albums consistently have listened to throughout my life, and they are as follows:

Dr. Dre - "The Chronic"
Eminem - "The Slim Shady LP"
2Pac - "Makaveli: The 7 Day Theory"

These three albums not only shaped me as a song writer, but really taught me exactly how a real ALBUM is supposed to sound like.  I'm a sucker for a cohesive, somewhat conceptual project.  And these three are perfect examples of that."

Compare your next release to a movie, but explain why you selected that movie, and when we might get to hear it.

"My next release is like "The Truman Show".  Much like all of my releases, it's like a very up-close glimpse into my personal life, while still being fun and often light hearted.  I have some very special thingz planned, but I don't want to give too much away!  You're all just going to have to wait until we're ready.  But rest assured that in the meantime, we'll keep lacing y'all with exclusive content.

Peace DJ Booth!  I love the love, I love life and I love y'all.  Thank you for all of the support."

For more from Rich, be sure to check out his DJBooth artist page, or send him a 140 character love note to @RichMFNQuick. Shit, he even has a website with a full bio, links, and of course, show updates that you can check out here

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