Mike Jones Sets New Release Date for The American Dream, July 10

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Burbank, CA -- Platinum-selling rap star Mike Jones's sophomore debut The American Dream will now be released on July 10, 2007 instead of the original date of May 8, 2007.

The hip hop marketing genius has also set up an "Ask Mike Jones" email address where fans can reach out to him directly with whatever questions or comments their hearts desire at AskMikeJones@gmail.com. Jones promises to personally answer all of his fans emails.
"Because I received so many calls on 281.330.8004 there were many times where my friends (fans) couldn't get through. With the email address it will be much easier for me to communicate with them because I receive emails from that address on my blackberry that is always with me," states Mike Jones.

Mike Jones is also set to release a hilarious set of skits to help set up the release of his new CD called The American Hater where comedian Alex Thomas plays a rapper called Money $tack$ who has nothing but hate to spew on Mr. Jones.

In 2004 with the release of his debut CD, Who Is Mike Jones?, the Houston rapper changed the playing field in hip hop by using a new and innovative method of self-promotion that skyrocketed his debut to double platinum status. With his colleagues Slim Thug and Paul Wall on the hit single "Still Tippin'" Jones was able to bring the culture of Houston to the lime light with its candy paint, slowed down beats and flashy grills.

"My 64," featuring Snoop Dogg, the current single from The American Dream was one of the most added singles at radio the week of its add week and is growing at a steady pace. The video for "My 64" is a tribute to Eazy-E and features his son, Lil' Eazy-E along with Snoop, in the clip.

Here is what radio stations across the nation are saying about "My 64":

"I love the new Mike Jones single, "My 64," it's a hot joint for the streets" Barbara A. McDowell: Music Director WPWX, Power 92 Chicago

"The West Coast meets the South, instantly recognizable! I love that Lil Eazy E is in the video!" Robert Scorpio: Program Director, 93.5 KDAY Los Angeles

"Mike Jones is still tippin' on this one. "My 64" puts you right on the strip in the middle of Summer, turning heads with Mike Jones blasting out the speakers." Paul "PStew" Stewart: Music Director/Creative Services WKYS Radio Station Washington DC

Check out Mike Jones as he premieres his new video for "My 64" on May 18th on BET 106 and Park. He also has an appearance on MTV's Sucker Free on May 16th and will perform on Super Sweet Sixteen which airs on July 9th.

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