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We all have those days where its seems like we aren’t gonna make it. When coffee, bath salts, and extra sleep don’t do the trick, there is always one thing that will always do the trick; music. Whether you have a paper due, a deadline at work, or just feel like sitting at home eating as opposed to going to the gym, the proper song can make any task seem like a breeze. Need an example? Well, inspired by Pepsi's collection, you put together three cuts to give you a shot of audio juice the next time you are feeling unmotivated, stressed, or just lazy.

Eminem “Till I Collapse”

News flash; Eminem is angry. So who better to help you harness some pissed-off-edness than the many who walks around ready to bite someone’s head off? Em mans the boards himself, cooking up an anthemic, “boom-boom-clap” beat which has an intensity matched only by his virulent, hostile flow. Nate Dogg provides the memorable hook with a booming vocal performance that will have you punching holes through windows, doors, walls, or pretty much anything else that might be fists reach. Next time you are working out, put this song on when you are on that last set or last mile and before you know it, you will have finished and if you aren’t careful, left everyone in the gym cowering in fear at your superhuman abilities.

Tech N9ne "Riotmaker"

I am a lover not a fighter. Considering I hate seeing blood and the mere thought of a broken bone has me rocking a suit of armor. If I ever did have to fight, I would make sure I had Tech N9ne’s "Riotmaker" on blast. With his rapid-fire flow and unrivaled energy behind me, I am fully confident I could suplex Hulk Hogan, KO Floyd Maywether and make Anderson Silva tap out and run cryin’ to his momma. Backed by a slicing, distorted guitar riff Tech spits a plethora of unapologetic, middle-finger-to-the-haters with a venomous flow. Whether it is late at night and you need a boost or again find yourself struggling at the gym, "Riotmaker" will juice you up. If not, you might need to check your pulse.

Big K.R.I.T. "Boobie Miles"

This next cut has a different feel than the others, but don’t let the buttery, jazzy beat fool you, “Boobie Miles” will give you the strength needed to overcome any obstacle. Back when I worked a 9-5 everyday was a struggle for me; if it weren’t for this song, I don’t think I would have lasted as long as I did. Though its riddled with sports references, it is perfect for any occasion will you need a little help. You will be in lockdown, grind mode after lines like “And when your numbers called, you better give your all” and “The only difference between a winner and a loser is a winner plays until he wins” are imbedded into your brain thanks to K.R.I.T’s commanding flow. “Boobie Miles” is proof that you don’t need a high-octane cut to get your grind on.

So what are you waiting for, after these three songs, you should be ready to go out and get after it right now. For even more picks that cross genre-lines, check out Pepsi's motivational list.

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