Mr. Porter Gives Back, Launches Website

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Download DJBooth's new App, The PLUG Detroit, MI -- At a time when most chart toppers are focused on the fruits of fame, Detroit based rapper and producer Denaun Porter is strategizing on ways to help burgeoning artists break into the music business. On June 15, 2007, the multi-platinum selling artist will launch a website with the intent of providing a platform for rising stars to gain a competitive edge in today's music industry.

His site,, is a portal for independent artists, songwriters, deejays and labels to gain access to top notch, original beats at affordable prices from one of the most respected music producers in the industry. These professional beats will be licensed for rates starting as low as $50. Whether for demo, mixtape or album purposes, users are provided a variety of options depending on intent of usage. Membership to the website is free and users are offered the opportunity to browse an "Exclusive Beats" section where they can purchase full ownership of Mr. Porter's productions complete with pro-tools sessions.

According to Porter, "I'm always getting demos from people who want to work with me or just want feedback. Unfortunately a lot of their work is not good because the music lacks quality. I can't work with everyone but this site provides opportunities for them to have a direct link to my production. This is a way for me to assist artists efficiently."

Having produced chart toppers for several industry heavyweights ranging from 50 Cent to Snoop Dogg from Shakira to Burt Bacharach, Mr. Porter has been instrumental in selling millions of records world wide. He hopes this website will help open the door for a new wave of artists.

"If the music industry was driven by more innovative producers and visionaries, I believe there wouldn't be drastic drops in sales. Many times when artists start out in their careers, they are very creative. A lot of times as they become successful their A&R, managers and/or label executives see dollar signs and don't see the vision like the artist does. This site is a part of my contribution to the revolution of saving and fighting back for artistic control in a cynical, money driven industry."

Mr. Porter joins the company of other key producers in sharing the desire to "give back" and provide opportunities for people to grow in their music careers. "I have a ton of beats in my arsenal for artists that want to be creative and don't want to sound just like everyone else that's out here," shares Porter. "One of the biggest problems of the music industry today is that majority of the artists being pushed are carbon copies of each other. There's no creativity. All the production sounds alike. It's time for people to step outside the box and go beyond the norm. Many of the tracks on the site are different and creative. I'm looking forward to seeing what people do with them musically and the direction they take them."

MrPorterBeats.Com is a strong statement proving that Mr. Porter is putting his beats where his heart is!

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