Pancakes vs. Waffles (& Gin vs. Beer) With Wax at Warped Tour

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Usually when I go to shows I like to rock my "Detox Isn't Dropping" shirt; as it's good for a few laughs or the start of a good conversation with a hip-hop head. Yesterday, as I threw it on before heading to the Warped Tour stop in Maryland, I said to myself, "What's the point?" Warped Tour is an impressive, well oiled machine that brings an endless amount of music cross-country, the only problem is that the tour isn't exactly hip-hop driven. Amongst the sea of body paint, teenagers, and Fall Out Boy shirts (although, I do love Fall Out Boy) I felt out of place. The sight of people in jean jackets and leather made me want to pass out from the heat.  I may only be 25, but I felt 40 at Warped Tour. Finally, at about 2:15, I felt at home. Wax took the stage and all was right with the world. After a full day of feeling like Jay Z at Solange's baby shower, I was dying to talk to someone who loved hip-hop just as much, if not more, than I do. So, naturally, Wax and I played Rock, Paper, Scissors, and Pancakes Vs. Waffles.

For those that don't know, Pancakes vs. Waffles might just be the best game ever. The premise is simple: you choose between two things, and the one you do not pick is wiped off the face of the earth. So, if you choose pancakes, no more waffle house; choose waffles, and there are no more pancakes. Of course, I had to remix the game for Wax because, you know, it was with Wax.

Pancakes Vs. Waffles

"Pancakes, because they are easier to make and more versatile. Really a waffle is a pancake with crispy crust."

Mary Kate Olsen vs. Ashley Olsen

"Honestly, if they walked in here now I wouldn't know which one is which. I guess keep Mary Kate. She's got two names."

Scrublife vs. Continue...

"I'd keep Continue. It had "Rosana" on it and that really made me able to eat well, so I'd pick that."

"Vibe Verse" vs. "New Crack"

I would keep "New Crack" because it's longer and got more bars in it; it's cooler. Plus it has the whole driving down the street element.

"Milk In My Sippy Cup" vs. "the A1 jingle"

Oh, I'd keep "Milk In My Sippy Cup". Even at the time A1 helped me out a lot because I was in a bad place and I needed that 5,000 dollars, but "Milk In My Sippy Cup" has my nephew in it. I'd definitely keep that, because he'll see it when he gets older.

Did you get a years worth of steak too?

If you won you could get $5,000 or $5,000 worth of steak, but who's gonna pick steak? I can't pay my rent with steak.

Gin & Tap Water vs. Miller High Life

I'd keep gin and tap water because gin itself is a lot more valuable than one type of beer. There's so many things you can do with gin...although it [Miller] is the champagne of beers.

Okay, enough fucking around, what does Wax have planned next?

"I got 11 more stops on the Warped Tour, so I'm finishing that up. Then me and Davey Nathan, a producer and keyboard player I've been working with a lot, are going to get a studio spot and just hole up, go in everyday and try and knock out my album. Plus, we want to knock out a few albums for other people too. Just make music everyday."

Oh, by the way, I won rock, paper, scissors with Wax in impressive, 2-1 fashion. I don't want to give away my secret strategy, but let's just say rock took me home. So far it's rappers 0, DJBooth 1. Undefeated!!! When it comes to rocking the Warped Tour though, Wax has me beat.

[Lucas Garrison is a writer for His favorite album is “College Dropout,” but you can also tweet him your favorite Migos songs at @LucasDJBooth.]


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