Q-Tip Performs for Maximum Capacity at NYC’s Knitting Factory [Exclusive Coverage]

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Q-Tip Performs for Maximum Capacity at NYC’s Knitting Factory
New York, NY -- The outside of Tribeca’s Knitting Factory appeared to be just that, as the seemingly mile-long ball of yarn that was Q-Tip’s enthusiasts wrapped around the entrance to his free show. Fresh off of the Rock the Bells Tour ’08 with A Tribe Called Quest, Q-Tip found himself back at the Knitting Factory where he made an impromptu appearance at Consequence’s show on September 9th.

Inside, fans were in for a treat, as Q-Tip brought it back like his red and black lumberjack performing classics and songs from his forthcoming album, The Renaissance. Consequence returned to help him out with Tribe hits like “Electric Relaxation” and solo hits like “Breathe & Stop.”

Q-Tip and Consequence traded a few a cappella bars for the masses to show just how serious veteran hip-hop skills can get, before going into “Find A Way” and “Vivrant Thing.” Q-Tip, on one hand, rapped about how tawdry newbies can be with their rhymes, while his cousin Cons spit a few about his style being “fire like [he’s] leaving Shanequa house.”

The night would have been incomplete, however, without a performance of “Scenario,” and when that beat dropped, so did hundreds of jaws, as Busta Rhymes bum-rushed the stage for a star-studded performance of the classic collaboration. After performing “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See,” another of hip hop’s chameleons let the throng know that he will be on the same label as Q-Tip, Universal Motown. Rhymes discussed his past issues with Interscope: “we all saw how I did over there, but now my money’s long!”


Busta dropped a few jewels before the night was over about a renaissance of his own. “As far as spending our money is concerned, man, it looks like the potential of new fly @#$* is about to transpire,” he said. “It’s a big day on November 4th. From the day that Barack wins this year’s presidential election I’m gonna claim that. I suggest all of you put that energy into the universe and just claim the mutha*&$&#. Don’t spend no money until that day,” he said to a screaming, shoulder-to-shoulder crowd.

Busta continued, “So, with that being said, we ain’t stackin chips no more, we ain’t getting bread no more, and we ain’t makin’ it rain no more. After November 4th we gon’ get so much new bread we gon’ call that Arab Money.” He, Q-Tip and Spliff Starr then launched into a raucous performance of "Arab Money," the lead single off Busta’s new album, B.O.M.B., set to drop in early December.

Speaking of new beginnings, Tip’s performance was also a fresh start for the man sometimes also called hip-hop’s chameleon; his latest solo album The Renaissance will be dropping on the same day as another historical date: Election Day 2008. “Gettin’ Up” from his new album has been gaining a huge buzz via the web, Sen. Barack Obama, the first African American Democratic presidential nominee, is increasing his chances of becoming the president, and on the morning of November 4th, we will all hopefully be getting up to something musically and politically inspiring.

Top photo credit to Prefix Magazine's Lori Baily

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