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This week, The DJBooth will be kicking off Re-Produced, an exclusive EP series in which three hand-picked producers will put their own spin on a record by a reader-approved artist. The inaugural entry will be based around Do the Math, a Large Professor-produced cut off BK emcee Torae's DJBooth-sold For the Record album. In anticipation of the project's arrival this Thursday (4/19), we're making sure each of the participating beatsmiths has been properly introduced to our readership with a series of exclusive producer profiles.

In the second of three profiles, we chop it up with Queens-based beatsmith BroadNMarket.

Years Producing: 6

What tools and/or production software do you use?

Right now, I’m on Logic on my relatively new Mac, but most of what I’ve made has been on ACID Music. I do my sampling on the laptop, and then add guitar or keys and synths using my favorite Ibanez bass, Casio keyboard, and Boss mixer. I don’t always feel that I need the instruments, but sometimes they really add a great feel, like on the hook for Turn the Lights Off, which we did with Trek Life.

Head phones or monitors?

Head phones, on the low. Monitors for my engineers.

What production work are you most proud thus far of in your career?

It’s hard to pick, but I would have to say Drop with Malicious, one of the most ridiculous MCs I’ve heard and been fortunate enough to work with. The track was definitely my favorite off our first Accomplices EP, and the video’s on the way. That’s gonna be crazy. The track itself just hits so hard and every time I share beats with people, they make me stop and go back to that one.

What should readers expect from you in the coming months?

The Accomplices are about to surprise people. We have a follow-up project, tentatively titled The 10-90 EP, which should be out early this summer. Watch for who shows up on that. I can’t share the details just yet.

But what I can say is that Jake and I each produced a track on e.d.g.e.’s upcoming Destroy & Rebuild tape and I did a full EP with Top Heavy U’s DeuceZ from Atlanta. The Accomplices have 2 tracks on 2Words2TheTop and FamCo’s Intelligent Design.. Big shouts to K. Sparks and Jayvine (Double Up!), Charmingly Ghetto, J-Swiss and Evan, and my man Es-K for that!

I'm doing some tracks with another of my favorite MCs, MaG, who’s a finalist to go record at Red Bull Studio L.A., very happy for all the stuff he’s been able to do lately. And I'm working on some really different sounds, some more indie rock-influenced tracks with SoulBrotha and an afro-latin jazz sort of project with my man Max Wright.

Describe the process by which you "Re-Produced" Torae's Do The Math record?

Man, I was getting ready for illmind’s BLAP showcase in February when Z hit me up to be a part of this, so I had to turn this around type quick. But when Z asks you to do something, it's sort of like the president asking you. You don't say no.

And it didn’t take long to draw inspiration from Tor – it’s a dope track off a hot album. For the remix, I wanted to take the song completely away from the boom bap sound that Torae did so well throughout the album. I just wanted to hear Torae over something I thought he might not usually rap on, but that he'd sound crazy over. I actually drafted about 10 beats for this but there were [two] that I thought really grabbed hold of his long flowing verse. One was a jazzy bossa nova, with an update on the 90s sample feel, and the second ended up with a cleaner street sound, which in my opinion pulls out the introspective aspect of the words (it's all in Tor's mind). Of course, the lyrical content was sick so I had to pull it out by adding the additional touches. Looking forward to letting the world hear the track, and salute to Z and Tyler for putting this together!

Listen to BroadNMarket's re-produced version of Torae's "Do the Math"

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