Rhymefest Guest Blog: Entitled DJs are Creating Cheap Disposable Music

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(Editor's Note: This is the third entry in an ongoing series from Rhymefest. Click here and here to read previous entries.)

Earlier today, a DJ/Blogger came to me with his great new idea of creating a mixtape with all Chicago artists that he would release via his blog. He was very excited when explaining to me his team’s preparation for this upcoming release and how it was in the last week of planning and “Oh by the way, I think we’ve still got room to squeeze you in Fest, if you send us an exclusive song immediately!” I explained to him that my Dangerous 5:18 pre-album was just released last week, as well as the two singles Say Wassup and How High featuring Little Brother that I’m trying to get rotation for.

All in all, within the last 3 weeks, I’ve put out about 22 new songs, all of very high quality. His response was, “Yeah that’s great, but that’s all old music now, we want a new exclusive track that we can put on the internet.” At that point, I couldn’t take it anymore, lost my head and spazzed out on homie. “Look dude, it’s hard enough trying to get radio to rotate your record, but if all you want is disposable music, then I suggest you go somewhere else and try to find it. And by the way, I get two to three requests a day for exclusive music from people like you who believe that they are doing me a big favor.”

No one is thinking about the cost associated in creating new music: studio, engineer and time. Although you may be getting the music free, it is not free to create. I went to this guy’s blog site and it was created in 2010. Without even carrying major weight, so many DJs and bloggers feel that it’s okay and within their right to continue demanding exclusive music from artists who already have material out that they are trying to promote. I understand that one of the major issues with terrestial radio is its imbalance and how a billion times a day it spins one song, but it seems as though internet DJs are being extreme in doing the opposite. How in the hell does a song become old six hours after it is posted? Especially if it’s dope?

This bubble gum way of doing business and music makes the artist’s product like new cars that are pushed and devalued as soon as they leave the lot. Whatever happened to you wanting someone to download a CD that they played in their car over a road trip, family reunion, picnic or while just cleaning their home. When times get rough, they pull the CD out and listen to it again. Hell, I’m still spinning the grooves out of my Fugees Score record.

In my opinion, real DJs don’t only break records, but they advocate for the longevity of good ones. Here are some ideas for you new DJs to help you stretch the life of a record. Let’s say you love that new Rhymefest Vibin off Dangerous 5:18… You can call me and request an instrumental, play a little Drake over the instrumental or take the acapella and play it over Drake’s track or just play the instrumental by itself as you set up your next record. Bloggers you can run an artist’s song one week as you accept comments and their video the next. In between time, I’ve got an idea, how about stop biting other people’s blog sites and come up with some other unique material besides just music: hmmm… political reporting, social commentary, fashion, etc. That’s the great thing about the world; there is lots of stuff to talk about. Don’t mean to come off like an ass or sound so cynical. But look at what we’ve done to our most precious commodity. We treat music like a cheap, wet, whore.



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