Sky Balla Set To Release Tycoon Status on Koch, April 1

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Download DJBooth's new App, The PLUG San Francisco, CA -- The Bay Area has produced many iconic figures in Hip Hop, and the new generation of artists emerging from the region are following suit with a style all their own. Sky Balla first made his mark in music as a teen, and has grown progressively with the Bay's thriving scene. He will be releasing his second full-length solo album Tycoon Status on April 1, 2008 in conjunction with Tycoon Status Entertainment and Koch Entertainment.

Hailing from the notorious Fillmore section of San Francisco, Sky Balla has had an amazing independent journey in developing his sound. While he experienced an almost overnight success as a teen with the group The Gamblaz, he ventured out on his own in to create his first street album in 2006, The Mobb Report. He pressed up 2,000 units on his own, and began building his name as a one-man army.

After some time recording and taking on the challenges of the music industry alone, in 2007 Sky Balla teamed with Bay Area promoter Young Rell, CEO of Tycoon Status Entertainment. Although they had known each other for years, it was the perfect time to team up for Sky's official debut full-length album. "Sky is truly a musical person," says Rell of the partnership. "I've been in the studio with a number of artists, and I've only seen a few with the talent that he has. I am excited about the situation, because I know we can make it.”

The new album Tycoon Status carries Sky's formidable industry experience and trademark swagger throughout, and boasts guest appearances from the likes of E-40, Cassidy, CTE's Slick Pulla, Dipset's Hell Rell, San Quinn, Turf Talk, Tynisha Keli, Mike Marshall, Bleu Davinci and Mistah F.A.B. Production credits include Cozmo, Traxamillion, Raw Smoov, Priceless, J-Money, Matheo, Sean-T and Bova.

The first single from the album is the Cozmo-produced “Mobbin’ All Day” featuring E-40 and San Quinn, and the track has a powerful Bay-friendly sound. In his many travels, Sky Balla wants people to understand that the Bay is always his home. Sky brought in Cassidy and William Henn for his follow-up single “Posted At The Bar,” which offers a definitive nationwide appeal. Sky has made both tracks available to hear at

"I was in the zone recording this album," explains Sky Balla. "People in the streets and industry both have been asking me when I am going to drop a album, and my fans have been waiting. I’m giving them what they want. I take this music seriously, but there is always room for improvement. I know I'm not the best rapper alive, but I am defiantly one of the hardest hustlas alive. I'm real before this rap sh*t. I'm not a rapper, I just happen to be hot with a pen. I'm a hustla who loves the art, the music and money. I do it for the streets.”

Tycoon Status tracklist:

1) Free Mac Minister (Intro)
2) For Da Streets - prod. by Bova
3) Stay Grindin’ - prod. by Sean-T
4) I Go - prod. by Cozmo
5) Direct Connect f/ Hell Rell - prod. by Matheo
6) Let’s Talk Money - prod. by Cozmo
7) Creep With You f/ Tynisha Keli - prod. by Cozmo
8) Posted At Da Bar f/ Cassidy and Willie Henn - prod. by Raw Smoov
9) I’m About Mine f/ Mike Marshall - prod. by Cozmo
10) Mobbin’ All Day f/ San Quinn, E-40 - prod. by Cozmo
11) What’s Crackin‘ - prod. by J-Money
12) Need A Bigga Room f/ Bleu Davinci - prod. by J-Money
13) U.S.D.A. Interview With Big Von
14) I Ride f/ Slick Pulla - prod. by Raw Smoov
15) Hit Me On My Chearp f/ Turf Talk - prod. by Priceless
16) Tycoon Status - prod. by Traxamillion
17) Mobbin’ All Day f/ Mistah F.A.B. and E-40 - prod. by Cozmo (Bonus Track)

For more information on Sky Balla, go to and

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