Smoke DZA Jumps “In the Mix” [DJBooth Interview Exclusive]

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Download DJBooth's new App, The PLUG If the key to happiness and fulfillment is the ability to make a living doing something one loves, Smoke DZA just might be the most self-actualized man on the planet. A connoisseur of high-quality marijuana and dope music, the Harlem native's managed to build a career on both of the loves of his life. No, he hasn't invented a strain of kush that plays hip-hop when you burn it – as far as I know, that's still impossible – but he has made a name for himself as one of the game's foremost purveyors of weed music, crafting fresh tunes that have served as the soundtrack to countless clued-in heads' smoking sessions.

Since introducing himself to our readers with "Marley & Me (Remix)" back in January of 2009, the Cinematic/Direct Connect signee has been a regular fixture on our pages, premiering numerous joints (no pun intended) on our front page and even spitting "Jackin Beats in the Booth" for our exclusive freestyle series. Now, the artist is preparing for the August 4, arrival of what promises to be his freshest (and dankest) street release to date, the George Kush the Button.

In this exclusive, five-question interview, Smoke DZA offers his thoughts on his lengthy list of Booth features, the politically-charged title of his latest project, and what he'd do if he absolutely had to choose between recording new music and getting high.

You have been featured at absolutely a total of 16 times, which makes you a veteran around these parts. Do you feel like you've been in the game a long time?

Haha, that's pretty cool. I don't feel like I've been in the game for a long time because a lot of people are just starting to get hipped to my music. At the same time I know all the hard work and grind and writing for other artists I done to get here, so in a way I feel I been at it for a while, but in reality I'm fresh on the scene and just getting started. Plus i have some short term goals that I didn't accomplish yet, so I definitely feel like a new artist.

Next month, you are set to release a new project entitled George Kush Da Button. Will the project focus more on weed or politics?

Its a lot of different vibes on George Kush. Of course with that title you can expect the sour diesel sound, but as for the politics I don't really get involved with that. I leave that for the politicians.

If you were President of the United States of America for one day would the legalization of marijuana be at the top of your "to-do" list? If not, what would be?

The legalization of wacky tobacky would definitely be #1 on my list

Your last project was entitled Substance Abuse. Have you ever abused a substance to the point that you entered or at least considered rehab?

Absolutely not! I love marijuana but not enough for it to check me in to the junkie center. I pretty much have it under

If you were stranded on an island for the rest of your life with the option to either smoke bomb-ass weed or record music, which one would you choose and why?

That's a hard question... but I think I would record music. I don't know what my life would be like if I wasn't recording. It would be a bummer not to have the bud, but the music would make me forget about it..

George Kush the Button is on its way August 4! Be on the look out for me and my bud brothers Curren$y & Big K.R.I.T. on "The Smokers Club" tour presented by High Times coming to a town near you this fall, I'm also workin on my first official album titled "The Hustler's Catalog (T.H.C)" which is dropping 1st quarter of 2011. Big shout to my Cinematic Family and big shout to you guys for supporting me and showing love. I got y'all forever!

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