The Smoker’s Club Tour Visits A-Town [Exclusive Coverage]

By | Posted November 16, 2011
Big K.R.I.T., Currens$ and special guests give the ATL a night to remember.
Atlanta, Ga. -- Day 25 of The Smoker’s Club Tour may have looked to be an ordinary tour date on the schedule, but in Atlanta, Ga., nothing is ever quite ordinary. In a building packed with hundreds of people, Jets hats and cargo pants, that loud girl Mary Jane dominated the atmosphere as people packed in from the front of the stage to the back wall. Starting generally on time (which is the rarest thing ever at a Hip-Hop show) Smoke DZA, Fiend, and the rest of the openers provided a great vibe to get the night started. Rolling Stoned tracks got the Hip-Hop heads bobbing, while Fiend performed some of his more known appearances like Flying Iron and Blood Sweat and Gears. Other mic rockers on the tour include Marcus Man Child, Paypa, Trademark, and many others who provide a great opener.

After an hour of openers and DJ spinning, Method Man was the first of the three headliners to perform, eager to prove that just because he’s the oldest doesn’t mean he performs like it. Meth came out the gate with energy and by the third song was jumping in the crowd of fans while rapping. Asking if he could “Take it back to the 90’s,” Method Man performed hit after hit from Wu-Tang’s classic albums to his very own 1994 debut Tical. Performing his favorite track off Tical, What The Bloodclot, Meth brought out his Wu affiliate Cappadonna to help hype himself and the crowd. After a classic verse from All I Need, Meth took a break and passed the mic to Redman’s nephew and even ODB’s first born son to perform the classic Shimmy Shimmy Ya. Meth came back to the finish the set strong as he had the most amped response with Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nothing To F*ck With, and ending his set with Da Rocwilder. Crowd surfing again but this time standing up while he was doing it, Meth showed age ain’t nothing but a number and had the crowd hyped for the next act.

Without much of a break, DJ Wally Sparks hopped on the turntables and asked if everyone was ready for the Return of 4eva. Before the crowd could give a definite answer, Big Sant and K.R.I.T. stormed the stage with a stupid amount of energy. Performing the title track off the latest album and hits like Just Touched Down, Time Machine, and My Subs, there wasn’t a single moment during KRIT’s set where hands weren’t in the air and the floor was shaking from the crowd bouncing.

However, the ground would damn near collapse when K.R.I.T. brought out Atlanta’s own 2 Chainz to perform the latest single “Money on the Floor.” Styrofoam cup in hand and possibly the biggest Dutch I’ve ever seen in my life, the crowd showed nothing but love for the Atlanta native who has had one hell of a 2011. K.R.I.T. and Sant kept the bass bumping and the crowd moving for a few more songs until the chopped up sample of Country Sh*t appeared. While many expected the place to erupt when Wally Sparks brought the beat back, no one expected that another one of Atlanta’s own would hop on the stage with Krit, as Luda appeared from the back to spit his verse during what may have been the most hyped moment of the night. Cooling off with smoother and more mellow tracks, KRIT ended his amazing set with The Vent, and showed why he deserves the love he gets from all his country cousins.

DJ Bombshell quickly hopped on the turntables next to keep the show moving and asked the assistant to kill all the lights on the stage. In a matter of minutes, the lights resurfaced and there was home decorations all throughout the stage. Curren$y hobbled on stage announcing to the audience members, “The Doctor said that I shouldn’t be applying pressure on my broken leg and I should stay home. So, I said F*ck it and brought home with me on tour.” After laughter and applause filled the air, Curren$y did what he does best and spit dope tracks from his albums and mixtapes while smoking a blunt on his couch.

After performing tracks from Weekend at Bernies, Pilot Talk I and II, and even the collaborative tape with Alchemist, Spitta could no longer bare being on the couch and with the help of Smoke DZA hopped around the stage to show his passion and appreciation for his music and fans. As lighters filled the air as well as that scent of weed, Curren$y had a knock at his door, turned out to be the homie Freddie Gibbs, as Curren$y and Gangsta Gibbs performed Scottie Pippen the crowd went into a frenzy for the Michael Jackson hometown sharer. Spitta continued his special guest parade as he put a lot of his homeboys on like Fiend, Trademark, etc. While we heard good music, at times the crowd became a little vexed with Spitta not performing crowd favorites like She Don’t Want a Man , Address, and others. However, after performing King Kong and Michael Knight, the crowd was right back into it, leading up to the final performance of the night, which included an acapella performance of “Breakfast.”

After the show, Curren$y in his wheelchair and Method Man both met fans and signed autographs at the front of the venue. Taking pictures and at one point Method Man venting about his dislike of, you can tell the artists really care for their fans, and ending a night I’m sure many ATLiens will never forget.

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