This Week in Hype: Rap Poetics With Watsky

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There are a lot of great things in this world: cake, oral sex....eating cake while receiving oral sex. But the "This Week in Hype" podcast may be the greatest of them all. Yeah, it really is that big of a deal. 

This week, I know even mentioning the word "poetry" will send some of you running, but hear me out. There's a lot of dopeness to be mined from the world of the spoken word, and in addition to putting my own poetry out there, I talk to one of the art form's foremost practitioners, Watsky. 

Discussed This Week

* As always, shouts to Tino for that dope theme song. You should follow Tino and hear Tino’s story in full on the podcast.
* The win-something-from-my-house trivia contest is back on and poppin. What's rap's most popular vocal sample
* Hip-hop tends to look down on poetry, but there's a lot of rappers could learn from the spoken word; Mick Jenkins came up as a poet, Chance the Rapper came up as a poet. I make the case for poetry and hip-hop plus deliver a very rare performance of my own poetry. Seriously. 
* I talk to poet/rapper Watsky about when I used to watch him perform as a teenager in the Bay Area, the intersections between poetry and rap, his constant drive to remain true to himself and much more.   
* You should follow Watsky, peep his new "Never Let It Die" video and check his new album, "All You Can Do". 
* This week's closing track, Saul William's incredible "Amethyst Rocks
* You should subscribe to the podcast is on iTunes if you don't unlike great shit.  

[Nathan S. is the managing editor of The DJBooth and a hip-hop writer. He also occasionally talks in podcast form and appears on RevoltTV. His beard is awesome. This is his Twitter.]


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