5 Wiz Khalifa Songs Even The Haterz Have to Love

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Today, on the 10th anniversary of "College Dropout", Wiz Khalifa, dropped a song that is sure to make "All Falls Down" sound like "Call Me Maybe". Just kidding, it's fucking bad. I have never been a Wiz Khalifa fan, nor do I vehemently hate him, but I definitely hate "We Dem Boyz (Hol Up)". It's Wiz with auto-tune how can you not? To me, Wiz just isn't original. I'm all for smoking songs, but literally every song from him is about weed. There isn't anything really original or unique about him, but it's not like he is the absolute worst. In fact, on occasion, he is even known to make a few bangers, like the songs below.

Following the footsteps of the Rick Ross piece, it's time for five songs even a Wiz Khalifa hater can love.

"Say Yeah"



Need something to wash "We Dem Boyz" out of your earholes? How about Wiz's first big hit. I know it might be a cliché song to choose but still, it is a banger. Wiz isn't what you would call an original emcee, but I don't think I have heard any other rapper rap over "Better Off Alone". This came out my sophomore year of college and was the perfect pre-game, hang out song. There isn't much too it content wise- drinking, smoking, money...the usual-- but what it lacks in deep content it more than makes up for in being fun and catchy. I wouldn't recommend this song if you are doing your taxes or getting readyf or bed, but on a Friday or Saturday night, when you aren't really feeling a night out, put this on and you will be partying in no time.

"Car Service"






I had always assumed I like this song just because of Currensy (after all it is his song), but upon further review, I think Wiz takes the cake; this kind of song is his wheel house.  First, a ton of credit needs to go to the producer, Sledgren, who puts a great spin on Smokey Robinson's 1968 tune, Much Better Off. Seriously this beat is too dope for words; love how creamy it sounds and that stretched sample is unforgettable. Currensy sounds a little flat to me on the back half, and I think it's because Wiz does a great job on the first verse. He has some serious energy for a smoking cut and it works really well. Never in a million years would I think Wiz would get the better of Currensy (I didn't even think he got him here before today) but Khalifa really does engine this effort.

"Hero (Freestyle)"







I know it's just a freestyle, but this is one of the only songs I left thinking, "Maybe Wiz really can spit". While most of his bars are about smoking, here he shows some diversity. I love all of his clever one-liners and quick hitters; "Benny off of Sandlot, I pickle The Beast" is a welcome change from "I smoke weed alot". For the life of me, I don't understand why Wiz doesn't have more high energy songs like this. I know he likes to smoke and smoking songs usually are slower, but it is possible to make a smoking song with energy. If wish he rapped like this all the time, because this high-energy, clever stuff works alot better than his played out routine. If this was a real freestyle, I would be pretty impressed; he is off the cuff bars are better than his written stuff.

"Still Blazin"







Look, if you are looking for a revolutionary weed song, you just aren't going to get it from Wiz. It's like asking for a steak from McDonalds you can't do it, but you just might enjoy what they give you instead. "Still Blazin" is my favorite smokers tune from Wiz which is really saying something. First, you can't go wrong with a reggae inspired beat with just a touch of luxury; what he lacks in every other department, Wiz certainly makes up for in beat selection. As for the lyrics, they are about as subtle as earthquake, but they somehow, I'm totally okay with it. While I prefer some originality to my bars, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a brilliantly ignorant verse here and there, and this is about as  brilliantly ignorant as weed sons get. Sometimes it's ok to give into a guilty pleasure (especially when smoking) and it makes this one a pretty dope song pun intended).

"The Thrill"







Again, if you are looking for a groundbeaking lyrical performance, you will be disappointed, but if you are in te mood for a catchy song to nod your head to without really having to think, "The Thrill" is perfect. Another great beat selection, Khalifa spits over a slightly altered version of Empire Of The Sun's Walking on a Dream. Even better there is actually a concept around this song. Granted the concept is a girl that likes to fuck rappers, but still a concept none the less. Again, I think Wiz is an expert at picking the right beat for him. His flow is steady and borders on boring, but it fits the low-key vibe of the beat perfectly. Though not as important as actually knowing how to rap, knowing your sound is a skill every rapper needs and I think Wiz knows what works for him and what doesn't; "The Thrill" works.

You know what's weird, I actually like the 5 Rick Ross songs better than these, and think he is a better rapper (shudder), but still I hate Ross more. I guess Wiz isn't really that hateable, he's just a weird looking guy who smokes weed and makes the occasional cool song, bur Ross is much more of a rapper figure so maybe that's  why. Anyway, I think it's interesting that all these rappers we claim to hate, the impartial observer in all of us cans till find a song or two we love; except for when it comes to Young Thug.

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