Wiz Khalifa Lights Up NYC’s Summerstage (Concert Coverage)

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Download DJBooth's new App, The PLUG As the sun finally set on a gloomy Monday night in Central Park‘s Summerstage, the rain drizzled down and mist filled the sky. Not a mist of fog, but a separate overcast sub-climate made entirely of smoke. The lights dim, cameras flashed and hundreds of phones lift into the air to catch a glimpse of the hottest rapper in the game. It was the perfect scene for Wiz Khalifa to make his entrance.

Wiz Khalifa stepped out on stage…At first he said nothing. He stood tall and thin wearing a tank top, long shorts and high socks. He stared at the crowd. He waited.

‘And they say all I rap about is bitches and champagne,
You would too if every night you seen the same thing’

We screamed and shoved as the first words of the official Rolling Papers Tour hit the NYC streets. Like a zombie infestation, everywhere you looked the swarm was filled with Taylor Gang members. Each fully equipped with Chuck Taylors, throwback jerseys, backwards caps, oh, and of course, some good rapper weed.

Most people are recently catching on to Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Taylor Gang or Die’ (TGOD) movement. Taylor Gang, is a movement based on being yourself, doing your own thing and smoking a lot of marijuana in the process. As Wiz Khalifa, Chevy Woods and Big Sean hit the stage, they were completely relaxed and in the moment. They danced, laughed and jumped around stage, acting stupid and singing along to their favorite songs. I felt like I knew them. It was as if I were one of their boys. These guys were just living their life, having fun and keeping it Taylor Gang.

Wiz ran through his new tracks, such as "Roll Up," "When I’m Gone" and of course "Black and Yellow" which tore the place down. But he slowed things up with his older tunes like "Memorized" and "Car Service." He even brought out his girl, Amber Rose, for a short dance and a kiss.

Khalifa’s most recent album, Rolling Papers, has become a radio sensation and has caught the ears of the average hip/hop listener. You can see him on TV, on YouTube and on stage and from afar you’d think he’s like all the others. But for us that have been Wiz fan’s ever since his first mixtapes, Prince of the City 1 and 2, his sound reminds us of stress free times at summer parties, trips to the beach or late night car rides with your best friends. For those who have listened from the beginning, his music holds a unique place in our lives

Amongst all the haze and excitement, I get teary eyed as each song evokes memories passing through my mind. The lyrics aren’t just rhymes anymore.They are a lifestyle that all true Taylor Gang fans live by. When it comes to Wiz Khalifa, its personal. He has started a movement cutting into the emotions and memories of a new generation that’s not afraid to express themselves, and follow their biggest dreams. Wiz has caught onto something real and something big. Everything about it is amazing. Not to mention the concert was pretty dope too.

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