The Grand Finale: Wrapping Up DJBooth’s A3C Finale

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Download DJBooth's new App, The PLUG (Editors Note: Over the last few weeks DJBooth has been steadily releasing exclusive interviews from the artists who attended Atlanta's epic A3C Festival. As a final goodbye to the night that was, here's one last look at the moments, on stage and behind the scenes, that made DJBooth's A3C Showcase so dope.)

In a city known for having great weather and even greater Hip-Hop, Atlanta hosted the A3C festival again for another year, this time allowing a showcase for Starting off right as the sun was going down, the perfect fall weather gave the crowd no excuses to come over to the Jagermeister stage and rock with some of DJBooth’s premiere artists. As I stood in the back of the stage speaking with some of the artists and workers, I heard the crowd start cheering for the opening band The Canz, who definitely started the festive with a huge blast!

(The Canz)

As Tabi Bonney and Jarren Benton rocked the stage, I peaked over only to notice that more people started to gather around the stage, realizing the lyrical talent and on stage delivery that these artists were conveying. As the two displayed why they have been Booth features numerous amounts of times, it was inevitable to star the head nodding that would continue for the rest of the night.

(Tabi Bonney)

As the show continued, you saw the true Hip-Hop heads in the back try to keep their cool when hit producer 9th Wonder approached with his label artist Tom Hardy. I also almost lost my cool, as I noticed with the Carolina duo was southern emcee Slim Calhoun, which as an ATLien almost caused me to act like I was in middle school again.

(9th Wonder, Thee Tom Hardy & DJ Z)

As the two rocked the stage and gave the Atlanta natives some good southern Hip-Hop, the Philly duo of STS and Sean Faylon approached me as STS prepared for his set. I asked STS if being both a Philly and ATL native was the homecoming special to him, he told me that he didn’t perform in Atlanta much but had so much pride for the A that he was anxious to show his city some love. With that being said, STS hit the stage having fellow artist and peers bouncing as he spit some of his tracks such as I Am the A, and bringing Donwill from Tanya Morgan to accompany him during this homecoming.

(Sean Falyon & STS)

The show continued in a strong way when Ghostwridah went out and demolished the tracks that have been praised on the Booth. As I tried to speak with different artists, it was hard for me to get a word from any of them as they all sat back and admired the work that Ghostwridah was putting in.

It was when the next act of J the S approached the stage stairs that I realized not only was the crowd at a full capacity, but so was the backstage, as fellow artist instead of leaving after their set, stayed and watched their peers and even sang a long to some of their songs. As J the S switched the style up of the bass thumping performances, conversing with some of the people backstage, I noticed many wanted to go into the crowd to watch the next performance from Emilio Rojas, who was accompanied and followed by Laws. As I ran to the crowd to see what many artists were excited to see, I ran into an A3C mixtape artist Aleon Craft. As he bobbed his head and was jamming to some of the performances, I saw that this wasn’t just a showcase for an artist to be in but for an artist to watch as a fan too.

However, that thought became definite when Crooked I walked to the stage. As every artist who was a part of the show walked over to dap Crooked, the amount of respect that these artists had for each other was absolutely crazy. So in an industry where beefing and battling rule, it was an amazing thing to watch all these artist come together and give respect for each others' work. Once Crooked rocked the final performance, DJ Z came out to give a final thanks to all of the fans and the artists that attended the showcase.

(Crooked I)

As Z took pictures backstage with all the artists while given honor and respect for supporting all of them throughout the years, I saw that this showcase was more than just a group of artists getting together to put on a show. It was almost like a family reunion, and Z was the grandfather who put it all together. Although I can type for days about the showcase, I think in my quick little discussion with Laws can wrap up the nights festive when he said, “It’s f*ckin awesome!”

(Jonathan Master, J The S, Keelay, Emilio Rojas)

I would like to thank, DJ Z, and all of the artists who put on a show, and showed that this DJBooth family is one that knows how to rock a crowd and will continue to for many years to come.

KXNG CROOKED   Emilio Rojas   GhostWridah  

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